April 30, 2012

interior minister

we love assignments that are atypical like the one we did for Sincere last friday. for the company's latest launch event, we received instructions to transform the concourse fronting their flagship boutique at Starhill Gallery into spaces typically found in gentlemen's clubs and luxurious private homes: warm comfortable paneled alcoves furnished with plush chesterfield sofas cluttered around ornate fireplace mantels. so, to project this sense of exclusive comfort and timeless sophistication in the bare space provided, our angels toiled away and created the following interior looks: 

April 26, 2012

opening night

last night, we invited family members, close friends and acquaintances to celebrate the launch of our newest pride and joy, Flora Terrace @ Hampshire Place. 'twas a night we all cherish. we endured quite a journey to accomplish this feat with enough planning, discussions, run downs and set backs to fill a chunky coffee table book. but perseverance, commitment and the sincere will to succeed from each and every member of the team made everything worth the while. so now, we invite you to share this glory. come one, come all and savor our latest offering of chic cuisine at Flora Terrace.  

April 20, 2012


after a long day of exhaustive discourses in the stratosphere, escape to an evening of earthly delights with things more familiar. enjoy a calm and collected evening of fine dining in the company of serene floral gatherings playfully prepared by dexterous angels. revel in the company of smiling faces and friendly conversations beneath towering candelabras with gracefully crafted bases. or if all else fails, simply soak in the warmth of the atmosphere reflected off the walls and tables all cloaked in fabric luxurious and dear.

April 18, 2012

starry night

last wednesday night, Astro hosted a dinner party at the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa to honor 4 artistes under its wings and we were commissioned to add the sparkle and panache to the event. so we dressed the tables in 3 hues of sequined overlays and topped them with brightly colored posies accentuated with tea lights in clear votive cups, block candles in chrome candle stands and spritely plumes erupting from tall glass flutes. here are glimpses of the venue moments before the guests arrived..

April 13, 2012

good friday

fresh from a spring soiree at the private residence in Ampang, our angels rushed over to the Dewan Perdana FELDA the very next day for the sequel to our client's celebration. from a puerile palette of pastel purples, pinks and creams, our client graduated her color choices to oranges, peaches and gold on a tan background for a more dramatic and flirtatious ambience. have a look..

April 12, 2012

peaches & herb

as a prelude, we present to you the colors and clues to tomorrow's big event in this bouquet to be presented to the bride: a handful of glorious mango callas huddled amongst a cordial mix of tulips, fragrant hyacinths and familiar roses bound by satin ribbons and embellished with pearl-embroidered lace.


we appropriated our angels some liberty to indulge with a bit of freeform embellishing for this wedding ceremony at a private residence in Ampang. we aimed to impress upon them the spirit of spontaneity lest we bore them silly with constant pre-plans and what-nots. the resulting pelamin exceeded our prudish expectation and readily reminded us of Seurat's depiction of that particular season somewhere in France.