January 30, 2014

rein in the new year

we would like to wish all our friends celebrating the new year of the horse a very happy and prosperous new year!

January 23, 2014

occidental preoccupation

the wedding reception following the majlis akad nikah in Kajang was held at the Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur, the very next day. but contrary to the traditional majlis, the look of this reception highlighted the client's fancy for the colors and feel of a faraway land decked in wisterias.  to lavish the spaces in and around the ballroom with real wisterias would be tantamount to committing a futile and insane act.  therefore, to fulfill the wishes of our dear client, we shipped in a consignment of premium-grade artificial wisterias in shades of purple, green and white.  with the help of digital imageries and the magical touch of our angels, we created a believable far-off country orchard replete with a path, an arbor and a gazebo all adorned with wisterias and complementary fresh flowers.  even the wedding cake was given a floral makeover.  have a look...

January 22, 2014

transcendental traditional

of course a majlis akad nikah is all about tradition.  but the look and feel of the event should transcend customary colors and modest mores to necessitate the aches and yearnings of contemporary culture.  for this majlis held recently in Kajang, we fused traditional silhouettes and continental tastes with contemporary colors for a comely mien befitting the urbane relish of the client.

chic crucible

often times we ventured beyond the boundaries of initial discussions to deliver that extra edge in the look we present to our clients in the end.  for this wedding reception held at the Grand Hyatt, we added a sprinkling of oriental charm to the English theme that the client requested to create a gentle yet refreshing surprise.  we embellished the large flower gatherings with elegant orchids, juxtaposed turquoise glass lamps alongside pendeloque crystal drops, and populated the damask overlaid tables with lush pave arrangements.  we love the resulting ambiance and we're certain our client was impressed as well.