May 31, 2010

from the farm

for a day-long refreshing experience, have a box of our freshly gathered blooms in three cozy hues and one neutral tone: roses in pink, hydrangea in lilac, statices in purple, callas and dendrobiums in white; all decked out with kiwi leaves and dusty millers upon an ash grey box embellished with baby blue and white lace ribbons.

May 28, 2010

good vibrations

we love working with viburnums for their dainty and delicately light fluff that works wonders when gathered with the more bushy hydrangeas. here, we combined the two with ivory roses and white peonies for a light hearted bouquet aimed to remind the bride of her brighter days ahead!

May 27, 2010

tropical punch

turn the heat up inside when it's wet and dreary outside with a burst of flaming red gingers, roses and anthuriums.

May 24, 2010

creme brulee

this talk of fruits is making us long for that favorite hors d'oeuvre. but let's just stick to the main course. today, we are serving up a fresh dish of mixed luscious red and cream roses, garnished with scrumptious green cymbidiums and a fine sprinkling of gold-dust dracaena, all decked upon a fresh bed of mixed succulent fruits. go on darling, have a bite!

May 20, 2010

rose bowl

we are compelled to explore different possibilities lest we bore you with our usual flair. with this fruit floral, instead of the plain stretched fabric with or without the ribbons, we embellished the container with fabric rosettes that mirror the floral crown above them. the details make all the difference, darling.

friendly neighbors

a week after we presented the warm tones for our guests from the Middle East, we welcomed another party of guests with a more familiar ambience. for our guests from across the Malacca Straits, we presented a floral palette that reflects their vibrant culture and verdant landscape: florals in bright rainbow hues and foliages with distinctive textures.

May 19, 2010

warm welcome

our spirits were on high alert while preparing these floral gatherings despite the heavy downpour outside. we were focusing on the right look and feel to be presented to the visitors from Qatar who were to attend a banquet at Seri Perdana. warmth was to be felt and pleasurable was to be carried on the entire night. so, we picked reds and violets as the warm canvas, sprinkled white, ivory and cream as neutral toppings and added bits of chartreuse green as pleasant highlights. we hope our guests enjoyed the evening as much as we enjoyed crafting the florals.

baby love

the baby would drool regardless but we wouldn't mind a bit if the mother would do the same when she sees this bundle of joy: juicy fruits set upon a bed of fluffy hydrangeas and scrumptiuos roses garnished with a fine sprinkling of ruscus. have happy mother's day too, darling.

take a bough

‘twas with glee that we exploited the fine interiors of our client, Nadia, and transformed the space into an arboretum of color and textural play for her engagement ceremony. we brought the outside inside, quite literally. we erected overhanging branches that sprouted from marble urns and meandered onto the walls to reach the high ceilings. we let creeping lianas twined and coiled themselves over the banisters of the staircase leading up to the second floor of the inner courtyard. upon this web of intertwining branches, we perched fresh blooms in multi-colored splendour. there were bunches of hydrangeas, stalks of orchids and bouquets of roses tied, tucked and pasted all over the intricate mesh.

moving on to the heart of the event, a beautiful stage was set by the renown Pak Abu where Nadia would be officially betrothed. here, we erected a floral arbor framing the stage backdrop and laid out floral bushes over the sides of the double-tiered stage, spilling onto the carpeted floor. we repeated the same exploits with colorful blooms splashed across the arbor and the bushes.

outside, we placed hints of the goings on inside with patches of like-colored and -textured center pieces displayed on each dinner table. we were truly overwhelmed by the experience and we hoped our client felt as enchanted as we were.


we were commisioned to adorn the halls of the Seri Perdana yet again. and this time, we painted the ambience with pleasurable pastels in imposing vessels.

pleasant pinks

this fresh congregation of pink and fuschia blooms makes a darling birthday gift to that special little sweetheart.

May 17, 2010

tooty fruities

we did two color-combos for 2 back-to-back orders of fruit arrangements: one with warm tones, another with cooler pastels. and they taste as good as they look.

por homme

here's a no-fuss, straight-to-the-bare essential hantaran arrangement for a client who likes to keep it simple.

au naturel

we simply love to do pieces that seem to just sprout out from their containers by themselves. that way, they would not appear contrived like a bad hairdo but rather blend in nicely wherever we put them. for this particular arrangement, we knew that our client just love love love things shabby but chic. so, we grabbed a few dilapidated twigs, which were actually pieces from a decorative handicraft mind you, some spritely colored blooms, different foliages with interesting textures and arranged them over an unassuming black box. ta-da!

May 14, 2010

faux fleur

you are not committing a faux pas if you simply adore artificial arrangements. not if you get them from us, that is.

May 6, 2010

birthday boys

more cake and candles this time as we celebrated the birthdays of Rafiee and Rosli. may they have a most prosperous year ahead, amin.


with God's grace, we have prospered tremendously since our humble beginnings back in 2004. we now have a commendable team with members who toyed, tinkered and toiled relentlessly to create the signature look that enchanted the senses and captivated the hearts of our growing population of discerning clients. with all the milestones that we have achieved, the orders we have secured, and the props we have bought, we have now ran out of space in our quaint little shop. so, in order not to stump the growth of our creative neurons and to enable our enterprising team to craft evermore fabulous creations, we have acquired additional space at Suite 2.09 of the Ampwalk mall. it’s two doors away from our existing plot, a bit nippy but just as fabulous as you would expect. feel free to drop by and see for yourself.