May 31, 2013

love dondang

last weekend, our angels were in historical Malacca for an assignment at the Malacca International Trade Center (MiTC).  the occasion was a wedding reception for the daughter of a dear client.  at first, the cavernous interior of the venue which could easily accomodate several jumbo airplanes was an intimidating sight to behold for our angels.  with bare high walls and a ceiling filled with structural frames and exposed ventilation ducts, the hall seemed more suited for a military trade fair.  but with yards of lustrous fabric and an abundant supply of gorgeous fresh flowers, our angels managed to allay all anxieties and transformed the space into a place fit for romance.  here's a sampling of the look of the occasion as relatives of the host started arriving in their electric blue ensemble.

May 27, 2013

moroccan mores

another moroccan themed occasion, another opportunity to explore a new look.  at the Istana hotel recently, we were blessed with such a serendipitous possibility when the client requested for moroccan wedding reception.  because the client wished for a contemporary twist to this favorite theme, we pared off the usual bling and bright colors and settled for subtle hints of glamor and a demure color palette.  but we adhered solidly to the quintessential elements that make this theme so charming and romantic in the first place.  see if you can spot the water pipes and hexagonal accent tables in these photos: 

May 22, 2013

cycle & carriage

in our haste to publish this event last april, we missed out on this specially made decor element.  we thought we would loose out more if we didn't share it with you.  thank you Aisyah for sharing the picture!  

May 6, 2013

candy shop

we had a lot of fun with this design for a wedding reception at the Shangri-La recently.  although the design motifs were traditional and simple, we made the look contemporary and chic with the lovely choices of colors and accents.  the flowers were gorgeous and they show off beautifully under the pin lights.  see for yourselves...