April 28, 2010

for real

yes, we do a lot of artificial flowers too, darling. you can order them from us without trepidation for we picked the best choices that you won't find in places like the one north of seremban. have a look at these that were arranged by yours truly...

April 26, 2010

come dine with me

last weekend, we lavished the home of one of our favorite clients with our tasty creations. she had important guests coming for dinner and so she commisioned us to wave our floral wands upon the halls and corridors of her dwelling to summon that magical floral ambience. here are several arrangements that we started with:

and here are a few shots of the floral creations on site:

April 25, 2010

futile resistance

from picking the choicest fruits and the freshest flowers, to choosing the most appropriate vessel to contain them, and to finally juxtaposing them in the best composition, paying close attention to detail and proportions along the way, we make the best possible floral creations for all our clients. with all the love, care and passion that we shower our creations with, apart from the imagination, creativity and skills to begin with, how could we not fall in love with them? yet, like many instances in life, sometimes we have to part with the things we love.

April 22, 2010

april showers

here, we are blessed with eternal summer and most of us are quite clueless with the fuss that folks far in the north have about the significance of spring and summer. so, in today's post, we give you glimpses of spring with this floral piece that we did for a client. imagine yourself waking up after six long months of cold and cloudy weather and finding this arrangement filling your yard and continuing into the far horizon. you will appreciate what the fuss is all about, darling.

April 20, 2010

dirgahayu oh sultanku

‘twas another euphoric adventure for our team transforming the inner space of the Shangri-La KL grand ballroom from drab to dreamy. a member of the Perak royal family was celebrating his birthday and we were commissioned to create that majestic feel for the event. with the entire walls draped in black, all focus shifted to the center of the ballroom where we erected 3 sets of giant parasols regurgitating a profusion of grey and purple streamers onto the attending guests. the regurgitation was more than welcomed by the guests for at the ends of the streamers we attached glowing LED cubes and sparkling disco balls that were simply mesmerizing. the tables were arranged wickedly and decked with a wonderful array of our signature floral arrangements. calla lilies in graceful contortions were arranged loosely in clear cylinders, as were the delicate agapanthus and dainty mokaras. red roses were either compacted in fluffy posies or paired with brassicas and monsteras and plunged into tall elegant vases. showy yellow cymbidiums were scattered and floated on the dinner tables as well as squeezed amongst the other blooms. wherever gaps appeared we plugged them with downy hydrangeas. here are glimpses of the ballroom minutes before the start of the royal ball.

April 19, 2010

casual candy

now and then, we love tweaking our arrangements to make them more interesting. here, we have added a few stalks of white phalaenopsis orchids on one side of the arrangement to make it just a lil more playful.

birthday flowers

here's another simple arrangement with equal part flower and foliage.

April 18, 2010

a garden of romance

our best wishes to newlyweds, Fiza & Farhan who commissioned our team to decorate their wedding reception yesterday. may the couple be blessed with a wondrous journey of married bliss, bountiful fortunes, and bundles of joy.

we had a wondrous time planning and creating that memorable experience for the couple's reception that was held at the Cattleya Grand Ballroom, Wisma PKPS in Shah Alam. the pelamin was a splendid geyser of faux lakspurs that shot up and out from four corners to form a romantic pavilion beneath where the couple sat upon a lush settee of tufted golden velvet. framing the pelamin was an arch of bleached mitsumata branches festooned with dripping faux wisterias. fresh florals flanked the pelamin and the steps leading to the pelamin in brimming pastel pink, purple and cream roses that spilled onto the floor. adding drama to the ambience, we lined the front of the stage with two rows of block candles atop 5-branched candelabras.

ye olde english

the english are renown for having a stiff upper lip. but we're not english and we love drama in our floral arrangements. here, we started off with a very plain english box to contain a dainty array of rose blooms and hydrangeas. boring! so, we added the orchids, succulents and dusty millers. now, you may laugh and cry, darling.

April 16, 2010

cool, calm and collected

sometimes you just want your arrangement to be in the background in silent splendor in order not to intrude on the somber occasion that's taking place. so, you might want to have these babies on your mantel.

true colors

a client wanted to send a special floral arrangement to his current beau but he couldn't decide the type of flowers or colors to choose. fortunately for him, we had just received a shipment of roses in these splendid new colors. the highlight of the bunch were these gorgeous seemingly 2-toned carrot roses that look like they were painted red on the outside. we hope the lady will love them.

April 13, 2010

bubbling fruits

quench your thirsty Tuesday with a thick dose of burgundy grapes gushing out from a luscious arrangement of red apples, fuschia dragon fruits, velvety kiwis and freckled pears decked with clusters of ravishing red and milky cream roses and bubbling fluffs of pink hydrangeas. that’s quite a mouthful, darling.

happy day

here's a simple arrangement to cheer that someone on her happiest day of the year: a ball of crisp crimson carnations embellished with cheerful clusters of gerbera daisies in sunflower yellow, fresh fuschia and zestful vermillion. for texture and drama, throw in spritely stalks of red gladiolus, springy curly willows, straggly dusty millers and the spreading leaves of the asplenium and money plant. finally, tie a few bows of red organza ribbons with gold trimmings to add charm to the arrangement. happy birthday, darling.

April 12, 2010

tropical delight

if it's cloudy outside, have a cheery day in the office with this bright arrangement of crimson heliconias, red anthuriums, yellow tiger lilies, song of Jamaica, and money plant leaves.

April 9, 2010

convalescent colors

our hopes and prayers to the consignee of this arrangement. may He return her back to good health and peace of mind, amin.

April 8, 2010

happy birthdays

today, we celebrated the birthdays of 3 of our staff members with cakes and candles. Ainun and Nazeri were born in late March while Apin was born today. may there be more birthdays to come for this bunch, amin.