October 31, 2013

let there be light-heartedness

due to the strict regulations at the Prince Court Medical Center, we were not permitted to light the oil lamps we scattered around the center's Deepavali decorations with real flames.  nonetheless, we compensated the absence of that very significant element with vibrant colors and exuberant displays to ensure that the spirit of the festival of lights is felt by everyone who enters the center.

October 28, 2013

balled over

'twas another night to be cherished when we received recognition for our style, flair and most importantly, love for what we do, at Tatler Malaysia's Anniversary dinner last saturday at the Shangri-La hotel.  we also felt honored when Tatler commissioned us to decorate the auspicious night with our renown floral delights.  as the night was a celebration alive with joyous anticipation, we decorated the tables with flower balls floating above clear cylinders filled with colored water reflecting the mood of the night.  our bespoke candle holders further lifted the mood with flickering candles floated on clear water.  have a look..

in gratitude

we are both proud and humbled by the recognition bestowed upon us by our friends at Tatler.  we are forever indebted to their gracious gesture.

October 23, 2013

spirit of giving

we're quite well recognized for our services in lavishing events with fanciful floral designs.  these pages and those in certain glossy magazines bear witness to that fact. we're also known for delivering flower bouquets and gifts adorned with flowers to clients and their loved.  and there are other services we provide with regards to flowers and decorations that are less talked about but we feel is deserving of better recognition.  so we've created this site so you may find out more about those services. 

October 11, 2013

the view

recently, our friends over at TV3 dispatched the lovely Neelofa to spend a day in our office to shoot a segment for an episode of Nona.  included in Neelofa's schedule was a chat session with yours truly and my associate, Encik Khalid Ahmad to check on our latest news.  to know more about the content of our conversation, check out Nona in the coming weeks.  we thank Neelofa for her wonderful presence and TV3 for the opportunity to showcase our enterprise as well as the new look of the office.

October 10, 2013

galactic funk

it was a breeze for our angels to decorate this launch party hosted by our friends at Samsung.  the chic and organic interior of the Tamarind Hill restaurant embraced our table centerpieces and flower arrangements quite readily as if all was meant to be.  we reckoned our friends at Samsung was most pleased with our previous engagement at the same venue and commissioned us for another.  for their support, we are most grateful.

October 4, 2013

cotton eye candy

recently, our friends at Lord's Tailor played host to their business partners from Italy. they wanted to give their flagship store in Bangsar a subtle yet sophisticated look to impress their visiting friends. so, they commissioned us to decorate their storefront with cotton flowers, a choice most dear to their hearts. as this was one of those especially unique occasions, it provided us the rare opportunity to think out-of-the-box and inspired us to create new materials.  cotton flowers which are actually fluffs of cotton fiber bursting out of dried-up bolls, are exceedingly charming and go extremely well with rustic themes. however, for this particular occasion, we needed to present them as chic, sophisticated, haute couture. so, we created these tall metal frame boxes to serve as cocktail tables, decked cotton flower posies in miniature metal frame boxes on them, and filled the negative space of the boxes with tall gatherings of cotton flower stalks. our client was immensely impressed with the resulting look and we couldn't be happier with our work.

October 1, 2013

makan time

here's a sneak peak at our new space in the premises of IDFR.  keep checking out our pages for the latest in this new venture.