June 24, 2014

blue summer

'twas bright and summery (of course!) last saturday when we finished the final touches on Farahin and Azim's wedding reception decor in Taman Dagang Jaya.  electricity in the warm air reflected off the turquoise overlays and bounced off the bright posies and large gatherings rendering a lively vibe to the atmosphere.  amidst the vibrant feel and color, we featured a pelamin with motifs inspired by lace in the guise of an oversized fan.  have a look..

June 16, 2014

citrus scented surrounds

guests to the wedding reception last saturday, were ushered to four separate dining zones within the multi-tiered compounds of the Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations (IDFR) facility.  members of the groom's entourage were seated in the sunny zone by the pool, while the remaining guests were seated either in a cozy open-sky alcove, a comfortable covered corner, or a climate-controlled hall.

citrus serenity

last saturday, our angels were at the Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations (IDFR) in Jalan Wisma Putra to decorate the reception of Nazartul Khairyah Kamaluddin and Lutfi Baharum.  as this was the final leg of a series of events celebrating the union of the two lovebirds, we opted for a relatively austere yet elegant look for the occasion.  the color palette was mostly green with touches of pale yellow in the sliced kaffir limes adorning the large flower gatherings and chartreuse green in the cymbidiums and spider mums of the cutesy posies.  stringed jasmine completed the look and added a romantic redolence to the joyous occasion.