July 29, 2011

pristine prelude

we believe that an engagement ceremony should exude a calm and collected feel when all manner of celebration should remain subdued as not to outshine the exuberance of the wedding ceremony yet to come. as such, we were pleasantly enamored with the look and feel we created for this particular engagement ceremony held at a client's private residence. our client's affinity for a restrained palette went hand-in-hand with our point of view for such an event. but whatever weariness that could have transpired from the seemingly constricted color choice was compensated with subtle inflections in tone and texture punctuated with the distinct notes of natural floral scents.

while the private engagement ritual was held indoors, guests were served outdoors under a white marquee we set up on the grounds of the residence. we draped the walled sections of the marquee with a double-layer of fabric and embellished the raw spaces along the wall with tall stands of baby's breath topiaries. soft light emanating from a row of crystal chandeliers hung from the apex of the marquee bathed the whole pale interior in a rich warm glow. finally, we covered the tables below with white textured overlays and populated the tabletops with triplicates of clear votive cups, chrome candle stands and floral gatherings of fragrant peonies and hycinths. here's a sampling of the day's look.

infinite desire

if the guests had missed the sumptuous serving of prurient red roses erupting from classical vessels at the door, then they should not ignore the double dose of aphrodite charm meant to incite curious cravings for what lies beyond the lush velvet curtains. they were actually in for a treat because it was just a prelude to an evening of private celebration under the auspices of romance for a select few of the hostess' contemporaries. red being the color of love and passion, it was the choice hue to evoke romance into the night's ambience. of course, gold luminescence reflected off the luxuriant fabrics used added that necessary grandeur to complete the look of the evening. we only hoped that our efforts had sufficiently established a luscious environment for the hostess and guests to savor their fine repasts.

July 23, 2011

solar flair

we went traditional for this wedding reception at the Sime Darby Convention Center with plenty of gilded sulur kacang motifs and a floral sun that took center stage. 

July 21, 2011


if you detest opulence but cherish elegance, and long for a return to "the basics", then you may just find today's feature agreeable to your taste. for this stunning white-theme pelamin of Noh and Nina, we simply embellished the arabesque upon the plain backdrop with an abundance of white flowers that naturally evoked a myriad of rich textures and subtle tones when lit from well-positioned angles. the choice of ostrich plumes to complement the fresh flowers brought much needed charm and wit to an otherwise unremarkable composition.

July 20, 2011

uncommon valor

an intrepid client advanced a novel proposal to have a larger-than-life bridal bouquet set up as the backdrop of her pelamin. a ludicrous venture we innitially thought, envisioning a giant colorful mass of oversized petals leaning precariously over two anxious newlyweds with the audience holding its breath. but we went gingerly ahead with the idea. of course we were mindful that real flowers would suffice to produce a large bush instead of a bouquet. so, we turned back to our previous creations for inspirations. it didn't take us long to find what we needed. we decided to use the faux flowers that we used here, dipped them in the various tones of the current palette, and fashioned them into the desired bouquet as per design. in the end, the award for bravery and ingenuity goes to...

July 18, 2011

whiter shade of pale

an all-white event has its fair share of joy and anxiety for our creative team. naturally, we have less to worry about when it comes to picking the right color. so, that's a joy for us to relish! but we do have the details to fuss about lest we bore our client with monotony. this is where our creative minds have to work overtime! for this wedding reception held recently at the Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur, we included a rich mix of textures and slight tinges of color to the decor to ensure a joyous reception for our client and a gratifying accomplishment for our team yet again. it may remind you of the reception dinner we did last december but actually stands on its own when it comes to the details.

July 9, 2011

saturday in the park

open spaces and smiling faces with floral accents inspiring praises. it was another glorious occasion we facilitated. this was a refreshing reception held on the verdant expanse next to the bride's parents' abode, Darussaada. we were at liberty to scatter the grounds with umbrella seating furnished with crystal chiavari chairs around tables covered with olive green overlays decked with trios of our signature flower gatherings and tea candles on chrome sticks and bubbly votive cups. our best wishes and prayers for the newlyweds, may He bestow upon them everlasting peace and happiness together.