July 29, 2013

iftar at flora kafe

last sunday, we invited families and friends for iftar at our flora kafe.  we wished to share the blessings bestowed upon us with our loved ones and to celebrate this most blessed of months.  we would like to thank our angels from flora etc for the wonderful decor, our angels from maahad tahfiz alquran misbahul falah for the entertainment and our angels from flora kafe for the sumptuous feast.  may Allah bestow His blessings upon all of you always.

July 24, 2013

milky way

last night, we were at the Tamarind Hill restaurant in Jalan Sultan Ismail for another assignment.  a major mobile phone company was promoting the launch of its latest smart phone and we were commissioned to add our floral flair to the chic organic interior of the venue.  have a look..   

July 21, 2013


it's already the middle of ramadhan and the festive feel is all around us.  our friends at Astro invited us again to embellish their annual iftar affair, this time at the Hilton.  to provide a look different from that of last year's event and to complement their balik kampung theme, we picked a more vibrant color palette for our flower arrangements.  we arranged rose posies in red, pink and cream alongside lose arrangements of hydrangeas and orchids for the low centerpieces.  for the tall centerpieces, elephant ears provided all the drama.

July 8, 2013


early distinguished guests to the event at the Istana Mahkota were ushered into this humble accommodation that our angels graced with charming arrangements, comfortable seating and flattering ambient lighting.  

July 7, 2013

flight of the monarchs

the inspiration for the pelamin at the Istana Negeri came from our client's fondness of flowers and butterflies.  because the two elements complement each other naturally, we decided on an enchanted garden theme for the occasion.  so, in the palace, we created a garden path beginning from the top of a grand staircase to the rendezvous point where the pelamin was.  along the path, we decorated the space with sprawling floral arrangements and topiaries alighted with majestic butterflies...