March 31, 2011

schticks and stones

an intimate reception dinner at the Lafite restaurant came after the grand garden themed wedding reception held a week earlier at the grand ballroom. this time, the look was modern and chic with touches of glitz. we floated seductive callas and bunched white roses on tall clear cylinders and paraded them on mirror pedestals amongst gaggles of round and square vases with floating candles that we dunked in clear water. we littered the tables with tall candle holders graced with low gatherings of plush hydrangeas and roses garnished with cymbidiums. when everything was set, we let teardrop crystals rain down from the ceiling for that all-important drama.

quiet comfort


we cannot emphasize enough the significance of fresh flowers in our work to invoke that sense of vitalized beauty and grace that so mystify our clients with heartfelt adoration. which is the reason we love to embellish the ambiance of any event with lush floral gatherings in hopes of transforming an otherwise dry, listless setting into a more organic, vitalized surrounding so cherished. so, imagine this majlis berendoi just last week, without the bountiful fresh hydrangeas and roses in the cloud cover overhead, sentinel arrangements on the sides and whimsical balls on the cradle. you won't hear our name mentioned in such a case, darling!

the rite of spring

people never tire of the garden themed wedding and in the years we have been in this business, the theme has popped up in our work in more times than we dare to remember. but we savor the challenge of presenting a familiar theme in a new light, regardless. recently at the Shangri-la hotel grand ballroom, we graced the hall with another garden-style wedding reception in shades of purples, lilacs, champagnes and creams. all the familiar features were evident--the token roman pavilion and pillars, whitewashed planter boxes, and overhanging branches festooned with drooping blooms. but it's the details that set this seemingly familiar setting apart from previous 'garden variety' cases. note how the staggered draping at the entrance added depth to the whole structure, making it a more welcoming site. also note our use of a pintuck fabric with borders as carpeting on the main aisle in place of the usual and uninspiring red carpet (although we still refer to it as 'the red carpet'). and of course, our use of fresh flowers in our creations always guarantee that each occasion is unique compared to any other.

March 18, 2011

china love

the last time we garnished our floral gatherings with porcelains was during a wedding reception in April of last year. recently, we did a similar touch to our floral presentations at an anniversary celebration in Mandarin Oriental. but this time, we were more audacious with our fine clay pieces. instead of hiding them in the petals, we showed them off as prominent display pieces on the dinner tables. as it was a white-and-blue-themed event, we lavished our floral presentations with mostly white blooms of gregarious roses, callas and tulips with touches of blue hydrangeas. our centerpieces perfectly complemented the white and blue toile we used to drape the tables. in the tall centerpieces, we added glowing blue ice cubes for that added oomph. have a look...

March 15, 2011

deja vu

we first featured this particular pelamin design last december at a client's swank abode in bukit tunku. this time, we recreated the same design at another client's home in puchong. although we had to dispense with some of the details evident in the original design, the client thought that it was of extreme inconsequence. much to our supreme delight, she concluded that the effect was still as breathtaking.

March 6, 2011

we got the beat

last weekend, a huge fan of the Beatles celebrated his 64th birthday at the grand ballroom of the Hilton, KL. so, he aptly picked "When I'm Sixty Four" as the resounding theme of the occasion and commissioned our team to deck the halls and corridors of the venue in black and white. we lined the foyer with cutouts of the legendary moptops and erected a mini stage with a fantastic backdrop so that guests who were feeling glamorous and compelled to immortalize their experience on that auspicious day could have snapshots of themselves taken at these various 'red-carpet treatment' points. inside the ballroom, we dropped more cutouts of the fab four and their guitars from the ceiling, along with complementary fringe curtain chandeliers for good measure. of course, we didn't leave the tables to be hoarded by the caterers. we decked the tabletops with candles and our signature fresh gatherings in white with touches of silver and the lightest of blue for character, all contained either in clear cylinders or bespoke lunch boxes that we dressed with prints of the birthday boy in a mop hairdo. complementary mock vinyls imprinted with the face of the birthday boy in moptop completed our tabletop drama.

sparkling water

a fountain of apple blossoms erupted in pinks, whites and silver at the entrance of the Dewan Perdana Felda last night, a spectacular entrée to the evening's list of lightly-flavored but satisfyingly savory floral courses. it was an easy breezy evening to celebrate the union of Mubarak and Hani Sufia upon a canvas of nude tones that blushed pinks and silvery glitter. because the caterers hoarded all the regular tables with their bulky dome contraptions, we were left with little more than the main table, aisles and stage to grace.