July 30, 2010


here's a hantaran set with fresh blooms in plain white and red without the need for fillers to hide those unsightly floral foams and whatever secrets we like to keep under wraps to make our presentation look naturally gorgeous.

high-style hamptons

we featured her beautiful home last April where we accentuated the ambience with bright florals. this time we jazz down the mood with a different set of florals and hues.

July 24, 2010

more from the garden

we left out a few details from our post on Fiza and Farhan’s wedding last April. so, here are more pictures from that event. if you look closely at the floral sprawl on the main table, you might find a few surprises that we deliberately added to the arrangement. have fun looking!

July 22, 2010

rhapsody in blue

it’s quite okay to be sentimental. but sometimes when you’ve done a million events tuned to the same frequency, you need something jazzy to liven things up. which is why we love Syerlee for having the audacity to tune in to this snazzy design for her pelamin. a white canvas with touches of blue all over. do you hear the jazz playing in the background, darling?

July 19, 2010

oopsy daisy

we thought we had everyone covered the last time. but our busy spell almost cost us to miss Zuri's birthday cake cutting ceremony! it's been a string of busy busy days and sleepless nights for all of us. but we hope Zuri is willing to forgive our lapse of concentration and just enjoy the cake. may you have another year of fabulous fun, darling!

something to remember

the passing of a loved one is nothing to be celebrated about. but it should be a day to be cherished. fond memories, times good and bad, and the memorable flower arrangements sent in by well-wishers...

fruity florals

our appetizer for today is a tray of fine fruits accentuated with cheery roses and hydrangeas in hot jerry and blushing pinks. have a fruity fine day, darling.

July 18, 2010

adorable too

the fireflies didn't get to fly into Liyana's house but it was all aglow regardless with fresh white blooms adorning the pelamin that was all white with highlights of silver.

July 16, 2010


last night, ten million fireflies descended upon the congregation that was celebrating the union of Liyana & Syafiq. they lit up the open spaces under giant translucent canopies, looking iridescent to curious passers-by and electrifying to the dining guests below. upon a 3-tiered dais, sat the charming and gleaming newlyweds surrounded by masses of flower clusters cascading from giant frames and bursting from oversize vessels in a dazzling celebration of spring colors. there were roses in creams, champagnes and pinks, eustomas in creams and pinks, hydrangeas in pinks, delphiniums in purples, mokaras in fuchsias, oncidiums, craspedias, pompoms and lilies in yellows. the beautiful blooms were also adorning the table tops on single dome stands and triplets of shorter stands. but none could compare in lushness to the mass of colors sprawling on and tumbling over the petite sweetheart table set on an equally diminutive dais in the middle of the adoring guests. may the two sweethearts live their lives together lush with love, joy and happiness, amin…

July 14, 2010

purple paradiso

purple-hued pachyderms paraded in the lobby of the KL Convention Center last Saturday, stretching their black spindly legs over the brightly carpeted walkway in boots of lush purple larkspurs, deep purple hydrangeas and eustomas highlighted with clusters of lavender roses. arriving guests were amazed by the sheer size of these purple beasts as they made their way into the main hall, pausing briefly to admire the clusters of purple mokaras, lavender roses and deep purple hydrangeas perched on the limbs of the beasts.

inside, the guests were astounded by the rows of handsomely dressed tables decked with ornate table pieces accented with lush flower arrangements. on the high table, more lush florals blossomed on the overlays beneath fanciful table chandeliers and trickled down the side in cascades of curving purple callas and chained crystals.

sitting stately on the stage at the end of the hall, another massive beast stared back at all the gawking guests, its limbs and crown of curving tentacles covered in thousands upon thousands of tiny square mirrors. inside its enormous gaping mouth, thousands of hydrangeas, roses and eustomas, tumbled onto the bare stage in a flurry of purples and lavenders. later it was reported that none of the flowers was left behind at the end of the event. all were taken down and spirited away by the leaving guests.

July 10, 2010

happy birthdays

we've been mighty busy this past few weeks. but we don't let ourselves forget to celebrate that special day for 3 of our team members who were born in July. so, happy birthday to Khalid, Lan & Ijan! may all of you stay young and fabulous always!

July 7, 2010

magic mirrors on the wall

of course, we provided the gorgeous floral arrangements to accentuate this impressive majlis bernikah setting provided by Pak Abu. muted creams, ivory and whites in the roses, hydrangeas, orchids, tulips and callas with touches of moss and chartreuse greens in the hydrangeas and anthuriums. simply as demure and alluring as the bride of the day.

we continued the theme into the hallways, down the grand staircase, out the main entrance and onto the canopies out in the open where guests were enjoying the food while watching the goings-on upstairs on flat screens installed in each canopy. we dressed the tables in green and accentuated the tops with simple loose posies in green cylinders. white washed floral panels separated the canopies while allowing guests to play peekaboo. to top it off, quite literally, we draped the canopies with toile to provide that pleasantly bucolic feel to the event. breathe in deeply and smell the fresh air, darling.


it was our very first foray into the land below the winds when we were commissioned to adorn the Magellan Ballroom at the Sutera Harbour Resort for a wedding reception. arriving with much anticipation, we didn't quite know what to expect. the tastes and fancies of the people are quite different, so we were told. but after spending time working and sharing our passion with the good people there, we left full of satisfaction knowing that we have won their hearts with our touch. here are glimpses of our work:

guests entering the ballroom were greeted by an arbor of locally sourced branches painted white and festooned with faux wisterias, lakspurs, pearl crystals and hanging tea candles in glass jars. further in, the aisles were lined with decors on high pedestals. white branches were anchored to the bases of fresh florals in glorious lavenders, purples, pinks, creams and champagnes, and tea candles in glass jars were also hung from the ends of the branches. at the center of the festivity, we erected a pelamin with an arch of white branches fringed with faux hydrangeas, wisterias and larkspurs. for the backdrop, we hung an ornate white-washed fiberglass frame that we filled with faux hydrangeas, ranunculus and peonies in all the glorious colors of the fresh blooms. we also decked the main table with fresh blooms and block candles for the honoured guests to savor.