October 31, 2010

box of chocolates

a client from Beverly Heights wanted to incorporate her feature wall into the design of her son's pelamin. the wall has several rows of wooden shelves that surround an array of brightly-colored mushroom-like glass sculptures. it looked daunting at first but our team was up for a good challenge. so, instead of playing it safe by hiding the shelves behind a blank curtain of fabric, we decked them with oodles of gorgeous roses and fluffy hydrangeas to complement the glorious shimmering plates in the center. our client loved the look and so did we!

outside, the look was classical and demure with the guest tables. but drama culminated on and over the sweetheart table. here are glimpses of the day-look.

October 28, 2010

from here to eternity

last weekend, we waved our floral wands over the foyer and ballroom of the Berjaya Times Square hotel and transformed the charming spaces into a fabulously gorgeous venue for two lovebirds. it was a culmination of months of discussions, preparations and hard labor, and it was all worth the love and dedication we invested. so today, we'd like to share with you the conceptual designs we envisioned for this occasion and glimpses of the actual finished look that materialized. in the following sequence, each conceptual drawing is followed by the actual snapshot(s).

October 25, 2010

ice princess

we gathered a handfull of delicate hyacinths and eustomas along with robust bunches of roses and hydrangeas to create this charmingly sweet bridal bouquet. as if the play of textures wasn't enough, we slapped on some glints of bling and a blush of magenta to guarantee some drama. you like?

brain matter

last weekend, we were at the exquisite rooftop restaurant of the newly launched G-Tower to add a bit of floral ambiance to a private birthday bash. our splendid array of crimson flower balls stood out in stark contrast on the white dining table while our tall, slender candle stands merged seamlessly with the naked ceiling lights and frigid glass walls. simple, with a bit of drama. just they way we like it.

October 11, 2010

flower fetish

our tall center pieces dominated the Shangri-La ballroom during Tatler's 21st Anniversary Ball last weekend. we let the lush gatherings of multicolored hydrangeas erupt from black-lacquered urns that we adorned with mirror tiles. we filled the middle of the dining tables with more hydrangeas in mirror boxes placed cousin-close to tall candle stands set in threes and glass cylinders filled with block candles. in whatever gaps left, we filled them with loose hydrangeas dipped in drinking glasses and tea lights in votive cups. the dancing flames from the candles glowed like volcanic fallout and reflected off the sequined table overlays in soft comforting shimmers. the crowd loved the ambience and our team savored yet another task well executed.

four seasons

our friends from GLAM also requested that we create four bridal bouquets, each representing a different style and mood, for them to feature in their upcoming weddings edition. so, we gathered our resources and came up with these darlings that we perceive to project the traditional, the romantic, the baroque and the minimalistic.

October 10, 2010

happy feet

a baby's first step is a momentous milestone to any proud parent and we are more than happy to engage ourselves in celebrating such an occasion. last weekend, we created this playful setting for a client's majlis jejak tanah. flower balls in various sizes floated around the center stage while golden orchid blooms rained down in the background, preceded by a curtain of crystal drops. attending guests watched the proceedings in rows of gold chiavari chairs and later dined on tables decked with graceful loose gatherings of calla lilies, roses and hydrangeas sprinkled with cymbidiums. our best hopes and prayers to the little princess so she may live out her life in perfect health and happiness, amin.

out of africa

we received these astonishing photographs of beautiful african headdresses from GLAM magazine. an editor from the magazine wished to feature our work in their upcoming weddings edition and wanted to know our own interpretation of the headdresses. so, in the photographs that follow, we feature our very own creations.

October 3, 2010

happy birthday

t'was a mighty busy weekend we had with seven functions happening one on top of another. but we did not let all that chaos get in the way of us celebrating the birthday of our beloved Robi. with him being our top florist, we'd never forgive ourselves if we let his day slip by unnoticed. so, a very happy birthday to Robi and may your journey be blessed always, insyallah.