July 19, 2012

serengeti serenade

recently, we brought the essence of the African wilderness to an event held at the Banquet Hall of the Ritz Carlton. to conjure the beauty and majesty of the African flora and fauna in the decor, we used the colors, patterns and textures that would customarily be associated with tales and adventures in that faraway place. we started off with black and dark fabrics to assert significance to the nature of the occasion. upon this serious undertone, we layered animal prints and sprouted floral gatherings in bursts of tangerines, yellows, and greens fresh and fragrant. finally, on particular tables, we punctuated our presentation with gnarled branches that reached for the ceiling like trumpetting elephants.

July 17, 2012

tales from earthsea: a prelude

for the assignment in that piece of heaven on earth, we afforded the creative touches of two angels, Iman and Lan, to adorn the windswept oceanfront compounds of the client with our signature floral gatherings. our client was abundantly generous to lend a few delicate hands to prep the flowers for our angels so they could work with ease. apart from decking the outdoors, our angels also created centerpieces for the indoors. in this post, we feature the work our angels did for the dining table in the house. they topped an assembly of clear glass cylinders in varying sizes and heights arranged lengthwise across the table with loose gatherings of locally bought flowers in mostly neutral hues. flashes of bright yellows, oranges, and pinks added vitality to the assembly. lit block candles finished the look, radiating an ethereal glow across the surface of the table, giving the illusion that the flowers were floating on air.

tales from earthsea

we love to incorporate uncommon elements into our work especially when those elements impart a certain edge to our creations. in the maldives, we infused wild local fruits with regular imported flowers to create a unique bridal bouquet and recently in bali, we immersed locally farmed seaweed in water-filled glass cylinders and juxtaposed them with loose gatherings of typical blooms in tall cylinders as part of the decor for a private dinner party. with intertwining branches bursting forth in neon-colored gossamers, the seaweed added a distinctive flair to our floral arrangements.

July 9, 2012

in the pink

last saturday, we despatched a flock of butterflies to rain upon a little girl's birthday party in a confetti of pastels. the party was held at Flora Terrace where we also mobilized our angels to deck the tables with posies of gerbera daisies in various shades of pink. with helium-filled pink balloons taking up the space between the pink sequins on the tables and the pink butterflies raining down from the ceiling, the place was set to thrill the heart of any sweet little girl and also the young girl at heart. we hope our young client had a most memorable birthday party and may she be blessed with many many more joyous celebrations.

July 7, 2012

weekend engagament

last saturday, Ahmad Fariz and Farra Roziana held their engagement ceremony at our Flora Kafe.   'twas another day of delicious food and delightful dining catered by our angels at the cafe.