May 31, 2011

royal (food) court

recently, we hosted a dinner for Her Royal Highness Raja Permaisuri Perak, Tuanku Bainun Mohd Ali, and her entourage of friends and close family members at our very own Flora Kafe. we were ecstatic, of course! we have, on several delightful occasions, been commissioned to dress up events for her family members in the past and they have always been highly appreciative of our work. but this particular occasion gave us ample opportunity to not only show off our charming little cafe but also to showcase our fluency in serving delectable local food. the two-hour dinner went on flawlessly and all our staff members were captivated by her charm. we hope this will be the first of more royal engagements here at our humble premises.

May 30, 2011

angel falls

hear the whisper of bubbling water. feel the cool moist breeze kissing your cheeks. rest your weary eyes upon the fleeting sparkles raining onto the swaying cradle swathed in luxuriant fabric. gratify your senses with the natural beauty of fresh blooms floating in blissful blues, champagnes and yellows. say your prayers in tender loving words to welcome the blessed infant into the warm embrace of a life full of love, hope and happiness.