September 13, 2011

a royal presence

Her Royal Highness The Raja Perempuan of Perlis, Tuanku Fauziah graced Flora Kafe with her presence recently. Accompanied by her royal entourage, Tuanku spent some time for lunch at our humble Kafe.

the management and staff were overwhelmed with gratitude for Tuanku and her entourage, and we sincerely hope that they enjoyed their time at the Kafe.

September 12, 2011

flora kafe - new home

flora kafe moved to a new location recently - still at ampwalk jalan ampang, kuala lumpur, just at a more prominent venue right at the entrance of the complex next to our tutti frutti outlet. you will like our updated decor, and apart from our current selection of malay dishes, we have introduced pasta dishes and sandwiches as well.

come visit us at the new kafe!

September 7, 2011

gilded grandeur

it would have been quite atrocious had we not gently reminded Jannah & Zaidi to keep their engagement ceremony earlier in january simple and save all the theatrics for their big day. and what a dramatic occasion did their big day turn out to be. mixing the nostalgia of traditional malay romance and the glamour of contemporary tastes, we gilded the ambiance of the Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur ballroom with a glittering profusion of gold furnishings and details, accentuated with glorious displays of corona red roses arranged, styled and gathered to awe and inspire.

September 5, 2011

middle eastern charm

this wedding reception at the Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur transports us to the exotic land of the middle east, with purple, lilac and a touch of gold dominating the decor. guests are welcomed by a tent-like entryway influenced by persian and moroccan design elements. dreamy...

social grace

before you present a fine gift to a refined noble, please ensure to enclose the gift in dramatic finery. gently shroud the gift in an ornately printed golden sheet of wrap. gather the ends of the wrap over and cinch to completely conceal the gift from prying eyes. arrange the loose ends of the wrap into a proud burst of a golden peacock's tail. secure the magnificent display with an elaborate jacquard ribbon in gold and blood red. place the brilliantly wrapped gift in a mirrored coffret with the slightest of details. embellish the ensemble with choice blooms gathered with fine taste. and finally, hand over your gift with your sweetest of smiles.

September 3, 2011

flatteringly familiar

when a client wished for a look that had already been presented in a previous engagement, we would go to great lengths to ensure that the latest reincarnation would not be a copycat.  of course, with fresh flowers, we could always guarantee that each event would stand on its own.