September 28, 2010

feast bazaar

guests attending last Saturday's Maybank Raya do were treated to a Moorish-inspired banquet of delectable food, fun and fantastical floral displays. in keeping with the theme and spirit of the event, we decorated the cavernous lobby of the Maybank tower with curtained golden arches, drapes in luxuriant olive green and gold, moroccan lamps tall and rounded in different colors and designs, and of course, flower arrangements in cutesy posies, tall center pieces and majestic colorful palm trees. we hope the people at Maybank enjoyed the day as much as we enjoyed decorating for them.

September 27, 2010

silk road

the damp weather last Friday didn't bother us one bit when we arrived at the swank dwelling of a client in Duta Nusantara. the flowers loved it we knew. our client was hosting a Raya do and we were on site to liven it up with colors and textures befitting our client's spicy color palette. but, alas, the cozy setting of the guest tables in the car port was rather unexpected as it did not accommodate the size of our glass islands where we'd intended to populate with loose floral gatherings. so, we shoved the glass islands aside and rearranged our flowers accordingly. and everything looked stunning still.

inside the lovely dwelling, we melded our flowers into the different chosen surfaces that were exquisitely draped in rich Oriental colors and patterns. we kept our arrangements low and compact on the coffee and dining tables but let the flowers reach up and out from above the piano and cabinet. before we left, we lit all the accompanying block candles but saved the tea lights for the hostess to light just minutes before her evening started.

September 23, 2010

easel does it

occasionally, we would receive orders for easel flower arrangements from clients wanting to wish good fortunes to friends or colleagues embarking on new business ventures. for these auspicious send-offs, we pick red for luck and yellow for properity. here's a sampling:

September 19, 2010

bird watching

we decided to downplay our arrangements for a favourite client this time as not to outshine the bigger occasion she’s planned for next month. but of course we had to include a few playful touches here and there for that added drama. see if you can find them!

french kiss

it rained crystals at the Frangipani restaurant Saturday night and we were the perpetrators. we were also responsible for dressing up the tables with layers of lush industrial grey fabrics in sequins. they complemented the restaurant’s ornately patterned stainless steel walls quite elegantly. we decked all the tables with mirrored planters that we filled to the brim with luscious roses, fluffy hydrangeas, crisp mokaras and succulent callas. the blooms burnt pink to rustic red throughout the night. of course, the actual flames came from the hundreds of candles we placed on lofty chrome candle stands and crystal table chandeliers as well as in patterned and crackled cylinders and votive cups we placed snugly between and around the flowers. to finish off, we placed a dainty red mokara on each folded napkin so everyone would feel special. but lest the birthday girl felt left out, we did up her chair with flowers so everyone would know that she’s the princess of the night. muah!

September 17, 2010

doing the hair thang

thank you to Drama Queen for your interest in our designs for majlis bercukur jambul. although these events are a little less dramatic for the most part as babies tend to sleep throughout the occasion, we do our best to leave a lasting impression to the adults with our flowers. here is a sampling of the ones that we managed to capture on camera.

eid mubarak

yes, we have been busy behind the scenes the last couple of weeks. from preparing fantastical and exciting new visions and materials for clients, to scouring the sprawling wholesale markets of Guangzhou for the latest props and decorative pieces, and to joining the millions of worshipers in Mecca praising the Almighty, seeking His forgiveness, blessings, and inspirations, our team members have been busy all over the place. if it seemed that we have been too preoccupied with ourselves, we would like all of you, our dearest clients, to know that you are always in our hearts no matter how busy we are. allow us to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your faith and believe in us. so, from everyone at Flora Etc, we wish you "Selamat Hari Raya" and may He bless all of us with His bountiful Grace.

September 7, 2010

double happiness

last week, we gathered everyone at our boutique to celebrate two occasions. firstly, we wanted to share the blessings of ramadhan by having iftar together. secondly, we wanted to celebrate the birthdays of the two leading ladies in our team, Kak Long Hamimah and Akin, whose birthdays happen to fall in this blessed month of ramadhan. the atmosphere outside was electric with the beautiful Raya decor lighting up the mall and memorable Raya tunes playing over the PA system. inside, it was festive with the mouth watering scents of home cooked delicacies lingering in the air and the sounds of laughter and friendly conversations edging out all the restive thoughts of work. it was a time to unwind and deliberate upon the good deeds and fortunes we have experienced and be thankful for all the blessings granted upon us. we hope and pray to be blessed another fantastical floral journey till the next iftar gathering next year insyallah.

tis the season to be flowery

eid fitri is merely hours away and our clients are scrambling to get their last minute orders delivered on time. here's a sampling of the arrangements that we managed to capture on camera before they were whisked away.