December 26, 2013

charmed life

flowers are therapeutic and our angels are blessed with the luxury of working with beautiful ones. when a client wishes to have an event with a garden theme, it's like a reward to our angels because they get to work quite effortlessly, doing what they do best. when the venue for the event is as becoming as the private residence featured in this post, it's simply euphoric.  the pictures give away all the blissful feelings our angels experienced while working their hearts out.

December 25, 2013

simple phrase

be sure to visit our specialty pages for that lovely something you've been meaning to give to that special someone this holiday season.   merry christmas everyone!

December 23, 2013

upon the wings of angels

the ambiance inside the ballroom during Jovian and Nina's second reception reflected the muted resonance outside.  but there was definitely romance in the air with the addition of lush gatherings of white phalaenopsis orchids as table centerpieces and butterflies that alighted on the apple blossoms and wisterias.  the gebogan centerpieces seemed content with their previous night's enchantments and observed the day's proceedings in quiet contemplation.   the splendid pelamin with the balinese door panels was replaced by a dramatic pelamin with outstretched wings that embraced the couple during their bersanding ceremony.  Jovian certainly had angelic thoughts when he envisioned its design, it seemed.  our angels had more earthly thoughts when they lavished the pelamin with flowers and more flowers.  the floor was less dense with fewer tables.  more space was afforded to the dance floor below the raining wisterias which sprouted graceful appendages that reached out to shade the newlyweds as they danced away at the end of the event.  we wish the best for Jovian and Nina, and may Allah bless their romance forever and ever.

romantic reverie

Jovian and Nina's second reception, also at the Shangri-La hotel, was a more mellifluous affair compared to the pomp and circumstance of the night before.  the foyer possessed the familiar air but the ambiance was noticeably more mellow.  guests would sense that the most formidable moments had passed and this second reception was the time to relish the romance that has been sealed and reflect upon the future.