August 22, 2013

country road

yesterday, our angels enjoyed a bit of country charm in Rantau, Negeri Sembilan when they decked the stage of the dewan orang ramai for the state's KEMAS eid celebration.  our dear friend, Puan Norizan, who is also the director of KEMAS Negeri Sembilan, entrusted us to add a modest garnishing of rustic allure to the event.  having done a number of events for her in the past, our angels were eager to please her and add their creative touches to the decor...


this year, the challenge posed by our friends at CIMB for their eidul fitri celebration was to create a decor that is far removed from the typical ketupat and balik kampong appeal, or the usual arabian themed approach.   after countless discussions and careful deliberations, our team came out with a contemporary look that not only appeals to our discerning taste but also appeases our client's requirements.  with candles, mirrors and gorgeous displays of floral gatherings, we lit up the newly renovated ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental for the merriment of distinguished guests to the grand occasion.  kudos to all our angels for their labor of love!

August 20, 2013

cool comfort

perhaps a way to alleviate some of the anxieties of the big day is to create a hantaran presentation that is gentle to the senses, pleasing to the mind and comforting to the heart.  maybe gatherings of neutral hues upon silver vessels with simple yet charming textures.  tenderly sway the proportions of the arrangements slightly away from the norm for a gentle tease.  step back and simply soak in the soft nuances..

August 11, 2013

eid mubarak

eid mubarak to all our friends and families.  with the passing of ramadhan, may we all rejoice in the Glad Tiding that our previous sins have all been forgiven and may He bless us all till next ramadhan.