November 22, 2011

by the light of the moon

a birthday party is not just an ordinary celebration when it is meant for a gentleman with distinguished tastes. so, on this particular occasion, we provided due discretion to give it that slight edge without going for overkill. the venue for the party at Serene Kiara exuded crisp sophisticated charm without the need for much adornment for an event such as this. so, we dispensed with the elaborate drama and settled for brooding elegance. shall we dance?

November 21, 2011

vertical horizon

tight corners and narrow spaces shouldn't hinder your wish for a remarkable looking pelamin. fine materials coupled with the right color combination and proper pelamin design may produce a look as stunning as any pelamin assembled within a generous space. for this particular pelamin we did for our client's akad nikah, we maximized the minimal space afforded by placing the flower accents on a vertical plane without compromising on the desired impact. hydrangeas in whites and greens, fluffed and molded into square frames of varying sizes, scattered across a square panel swathed in crumpled satin created an impressive backdrop for our client's most memorable moment yet.

November 15, 2011

capulet's orchard

'twas another grand occasion for our team at the Mandarin Oriental, recently. our client was adamant with badd romance earlier at her nikah ceremony. now, she wanted fun and romance at her wedding reception. so, we kicked off our shoes at the entrance with a display of floral sentries dominated by regurgitations of blood red roses from tumbling roman urns onto beds of multi-colored blooms blithely gathered on the floor. inside, the ambience was abundant with the fun and fanciful colors of the floral accents and the quirky configurations of the seating arrangement. the romance, and of course, the drama, culminated on the stage with a grand display of a french country garden upon a romantic facade.

chrysanthemum throne

we ourselves were stunned but our dear client persisted with her audacious resolve. so, we relented and proceeded coating the backdrop of her pelamin (courtesy of omar khan collective) with a black veneer. and what a consequence! the spectacle punctuated the demure ambiance of her nikah ceremony at Serene Kiara with a clear statement: black, bold, beautiful! to complement her daring stand, we embellished the venue with equally bold floral declarations in hues of oranges, peaches, champagnes and creams that frothed forth from glass vases encrusted with lace. we concluded our decorative pronouncement of the day with a delightfully made sweetheart table bubbling and cascading with romantic floral attestations. all-hail to the king and queen of the day!