June 23, 2013

crowning glory

for this wedding reception at the Shangri-La hotel, we featured a circular canopy crowned with fresh flowers for the entrance decor.  the circular canopy is a new addition to our library of entrance designs where in previous events, we only featured rectangular and arched structures.  we also featured a similar structure above the pelamin from where we hung strands of crystals and stalks of white dendrobium orchids. 

June 13, 2013

just dandy

don't miss our latest collection of bunge casual wear by flora stitch on display at our store in jalan ampang.  for an initial peek, browse through bunge by flora stitch.  have fun!

June 10, 2013


family members and dear friends of the honorable Tun Hajah Rahah recently gathered at the historical Majestic hotel to honor and celebrate her 80th birthday.  we were invited to decorate the prestigious occasion and felt extremely honored to lavish the event with our floral flair.  as the orchid is the Tun's favorite flower and pink her favorite color, we gathered lovely varieties of orchids in adorable shades of pink and decorated the ballroom with them.  at the main entrance, arriving guests were greeted with surreal orchid gatherings bathed in candle lights.  inside the ballroom, guests were awed with a magnificent arbor of potted phalaenopsis orchids floated over a water feature.  we wish the honorable Tun our love and deepest respect and may she continue to inspire us for years to come. 

June 3, 2013

red velvet

as a follow-up to the event in Malacca last month, our angels descended upon the Sama-Sama hotel in KLiA last saturday for another reception held by the same host.  to accomodate the ballroom space that was much cozier than the expansive convention center in Malacca, we created a pelamin with low structures that sprawled to the sides in a welcoming embrace.  in accordance with the stipulated color scheme, we dressed the pelamin in layers of whites and creams with splashes and drops of red.