January 31, 2011

baby mine

we couldn't beat the angels with starlight sprinkles. but we did manage to float blue ice cubes above his cradle while his mother whispered sweet prayers and soft lullabies into his ears. we also believe that the fresh blooms we lovingly cluttered around his cradle sang their own medley of prayers, praising Him and spreading bliss and beauty all around...

January 27, 2011

ocean spray

blue turquoise water lapping onto white sand, frothing and disappearing back beneath the shore line in wave after never ending wave. this was the drama that unfolded in the ballroom of the Concorde hotel last weekend, where we were commissioned to create an undersea themed wedding reception. of course, there weren't any actual crashing waves or beach sand on hand but we did provided live fishes for good measure. see if you can read the storyline from these scenes...

January 26, 2011


we were slightly shaken with trepidation when the guest list at yesterday’s birthday do ballooned from 200 people during initial discussions to 800 people on the day of the event. but thank goodness for elephant ears! these oversized fan-shaped babies were a Godsend when you need maximum coverage when all else failed. so, here’s the look that we put together for our client’s golden jubilee.

January 24, 2011


if only we can be candid enough to reveal who this special birthday composition was delivered to. but we'd like to mention that our florist who made this lovely piece felt so privileged to have the honor because he is such a big fan of the celebrity. we just can't wait to watch this simply stunning celebrity host her own talk show next month!

January 22, 2011

petrified forest

our task at the newly opened DoubleTree by Hilton last Saturday was to leave a lasting first impression. so, we forested the main stage of the ballroom with tall stands of mirrored columns crowned with graceful arches of moth orchids upon lush beds of roses and hydrangeas. shorter gatherings of fresh blooms on clear cylinders played consorts to a plush Cleopatra that we set upon a 2-tiered dais fronting the tree line. our pelamin terminated with two sentinels of fresh arrangements simply placed on the stage floor.

we repeated our tree adventure in the ballroom with lanky flower arrangements placed on knee-high mirror pedestals placed strategically on the aisle borders. we decked the tabletops with pretty rose posies and scattered candles in votive cups and chrome based glass holders among them. we separated the regular guest tables from those of the special guests’ with different choices of overlays: understated black for the regulars, stunning silver sequins for the specials. of course we made sure that the two most important people had the most impressive table of all.

January 21, 2011

begging your pardon

we encountered a little too many sinister connotations of yellow while finding inspirations in the internet and we believe that all of them are so last century's. so, do you find this dandy mostly yellow arrangement that we have so lovingly prepared somewhat wicked, darling?

January 19, 2011

diamonds are forever

our kafe became the venue for yet another birthday celebration Monday night. Intan's brother, who attended the previous party at our kafe last weekend, was so besotted by the ambience that he suggested she hold her own party here. that gave us ample excuse to change the drapes and table overlays to set the appropriate mood for our princess' birthday do. for color and grace, we placed potted fuschia phalaenopsis orchids in mirror tile boxes as centerpieces on all the tables. our best wishes for Intan, may He bestow upon her everlasting health and happiness. amin..

desirable clutter

for a small private engagement ceremony, simple gatherings of loose floral will suffice to evoke that quiet splendor. we recommend you save all the energy and drama for your wedding day. here's a sampling of our simple touches at Jannah & Zaid's engagement ceremony recently (last photo courtesy of Lanz photography).

January 17, 2011

spring is in the air

it may not be that time of the year yet elsewhere but we're already feeling the fresh vibes of spring in our kafe with our new look. so, come on down and see for yourself!

January 9, 2011

yellow submarine

we're not known to compromise on drama. so, here's some fruits and flowers in citrus hues gathered upon a bespoke vessel draped in champagne velvet with olive chiffon rosette accents. just sit back and enjoy the ride, darling!

birds of a feather

we were rather hesitant at first when a client requested feathers over flowers for her big day at the JW Marriott last month. after all, we’re known for our flora and not for our fauna although we can be quite aggressive creatures when it comes to fabulous d├ęcor. but we’re always game for a new adventure. so, we casted our reservations to the wind and came up with these…