June 29, 2010

lady marmalade

orange roses are adorably bright and cheery, and they make great picker-uppers to help counter the blues. here, we've gathered them along with our favorite flowers in a quaint arrangement. we hope it would help make it a fine and dandy day at the receiving end.

June 28, 2010

gothic princess

pink is too mumsy and predictable, you say? well, not if you pair it with black. last weekend, we embellished this bridal shower with black candles, chairs and hanging motifs that gave the whole affair a sense of mystery and intrigue. of course a princess can't let all her secrets out, darling!


here's a sampling of a time when greenhouse gases weren't such a threat: a world replete with lush green shoots sheltering virginal and succulent blooms in a rich variety of shapes and sizes, twining vines meandering amongst the busy ruse of colors and textures seeking out the open spaces in between, and underbrushes making the best of the shade beneath all the drama unfolding above them.

June 21, 2010

roses are red

we don't do blue violets but we do feature gorgeous blue hydrangeas. just last weekend, we used them to adorn one of 3 sets of hantarans. have a look...

June 18, 2010

rustic romantic

a glorious congregation of pink peonies amongst fluffy clouds of hydrangeas and roses atop a splendid bronze urn…

pretty please

we simply adore peonies because they make such lovely bouquets. in this cluster, we've arranged them with adorable roses in hot jerry pink and champagne, and luxuriant hydrangeas in variegated pink and green. just love love love it!

June 17, 2010

tall order

today, we are serving up a congregation of fresh blooms with substantial differences in color, shape and texture: chunky roses in ivory and champagne, dainty mokaras in red, lilies blushing pink and tuberoses demure but fragrant nonetheless.

June 13, 2010

hot tamale

also, have a bite of our blazing red mokaras dipped in a slurpy mix of pink fluffy hydrangea, delicate eustomas in pink and cream, and crunchy green cymbidiums. hurry back for more!

light hors d'oeuvre

today, we are serving a dainty portion of fluffy hydrangeas in lilac and green, mixed with crunchy roses in baby pink and ivory, and garnished with succulent cymbidiums in green, all served up in a chic decorative tin vessel in chocolate and gold. feel free to browse our menu for the main course.

June 9, 2010

supplie de différer

at the entrance of the ballroom, wisterias on mitsumata branches curtsied while dripping pearl crystals onto arriving guests. inside the ballroom, roses did graceful pirouettes along the aisles and those in posies dripped crystals onto the dinner tables. these were the floral touches in creams and baby pinks that we crafted for the wedding reception of our client, Jasmine. although the following shots do little justice to the actual look and feel of the evening, we hope they inspire still.

June 6, 2010


we love working with clients who have a wicked sense of adventure because it would allow us to go wild with our thoughts. this was the case with a client last weekend. without anything to do with LSD but having a lot of SJP in mind, she commissioned us to create a classical look for her pelamin reminiscing a page out of Vogue. it involved a truckload of hydrangeas in delicious pastel shades, pouring down from a vintage Channel flap bag-inspired wall, upon a sensuous white divan fit for a diva.

on the dining deck especially built for the occasion, we continued the theme with white canopies under which we hung crystal chandeliers and black-lined white curtains tied back into graceful butterflies. below, we arranged the tables covered in white with cream tactile floral overlays. and around each dining table, drum-roll please, we premiered our beautiful black chiavari chairs.

June 2, 2010

la sala rossa

today is festa della repubblica when Italian nationals all over the world celebrate the birth of their country as a republic. and today, we also received an order to be sent to the Italian embassy in honor of the occasion. so, we gathered roses, hydrangeas and foliages in the three colors of the country's flag and created the following arrangement for our client. we wish the people of Italy everlasting peace and prosperity.