April 27, 2013


for the second look of the day, we layered the initial pale palette with lovely lilacs, purples, pinks and champagnes.  with the addition of colors, the mood changed significantly.  yet a more profound transformation took place on stage when we removed the white drapes to reveal a coterie of ornate frames that reached to the ceiling.  textured, gilded and embellished with mirrors, the oversized frames completely changed the look of the pelamin and provided the focal interest for the evening.

prelude to a kiss

for this assignment at the Grand Hyatt, our dear client wished to hold both the solemnization ceremony and reception in the same ballroom on the same day.  the pelamins for both occasions were also required to be assembled on the same stage.  because each occasion had its own theme and color palette, the challenge for us in designing and executing both looks was quite formidable.  but we'd rather spare you the unpleasant details and show you the charming outcome of our labor of love instead.  first, the look for the solemnization ceremony...

April 19, 2013

April 16, 2013

cajun chic

our angels had a marvelous time transforming the grand ballroom of the Shangri-La hotel from regular to ravishing for this wedding reception.  the look was a radical departure from that of the relatively sedate solemnization ceremony the day before.  but it reflected the nature of our client who relishes adventure nonetheless.  the pelamin was an eclectic marriage of martha stewart's shabby chicness and lady gaga's gothic elegance with tendrils of spanish moss, amaranthus, dendrobiums and crystals raining onto a garden of bright gatherings upon a velvet canvas.  similarly, the dining tables were adorned with elegant orchids, tulips and lilies juxtaposed with succulents and lotus pods set upon moss-covered branches and undulating lianas.  see for yourselves...