November 29, 2010

agent orange

bright colors and bling shouldn't be blamed for going OTT with your hantaran. in today's post, we show you how the two can match to communicate your best intentions to your future life-partner without going overboard. wash down the brilliance of orange with touches of champagne and white, and add a dash of glamor to the presentation with crystal beads and mirror tiles. never be reticent when you aim to impress, darling.

November 18, 2010

curly fries

as for dessert, we serve you a tray of freshly picked roses, eustomas and brassicas stuffed with hydrangeas and a light sprinkling of cymbidiums. don't forget to remove those wiry woody accents lest you end up with a severe case of indigestion, darling.

festive fruits

yes, it has been a while since we posted anything fruit-related. not that there's been a lull in demand but we've just been so occupied with occasion upon occasion. so today, we'll serve you two fruit-flavored arrangements to facilitate your digestion of yesterday's beef rendang and lemang.

November 16, 2010


the one thing missing from our table arrangement for last Wednesday's IFF dinner at the JW Marriott ballroom was Katy Perry singing her latest single. but everything else was there in all its bountiful colors and bling. we were most elated when the client herself was enraptured by our work. praise be to the Creator!

November 10, 2010

earth angel

last September, a potential client inquired whether we also engage ourselves with majlis cukur jambul or berendoi. so, we posted a few photos of previous majlis we did that managed to capture her interest. today, we present to you the creation we did for her own majlis: stage, ottoman, cradle and plush pillows swathed in white fabrics plain, pleated and embroidered; flowers in earthly greens, creams and blues; and a curtain of sparkling crystals for that soft touch of drama.

November 8, 2010

drops of jupiter

last Thursday, we celebrated the union of our beloved team member, Rosli Abdullah, and his lovely bride, Nuraini, at Anjung Felda. the venue exuded a rustic charm with open pavilions for guests to dine and mingle, as well as enclosed quarters for close friends and family members to engage in private conversations with the bride and groom. to make it a night of revelry and remembrance, we added our signature floral touches to the tables and pelamin, soft fabric and floral panels beneath the eaves of the pavilions, glowing tea lights on the pavements and copious garnishings of bling all over. our best wishes and prayers to the newlyweds, may He grant them everlasting love and happiness, amin.

November 7, 2010

open arms

we also held a simple doa session for our Khalid who's going off to Mecca for his haji. may Allah grant him a hajj that's mabroor!

happy birthdays

two Hans are better than one, especially when they have the same birthdays! a doubly happy birthday to Hans Hussain and Han Tahiran who share the same birthdays on November 3rd. may He grant the both of you good health, happiness and peace of mind... amin!

November 3, 2010

editorial coverage

on Monday, we were invited to Starhill Gallery by Prestige magazine for a photo shoot featuring Christofle tableware. apart from lavishing the table setting with out signature gatherings of lush florals, we also featured our gold chiavari chairs and sequined table overlays. lookout for next month's issue of Prestige magazine for more details. here's a sneak peek of our presentation: