January 28, 2010

going green

Cliché you say? Not with fresh floral arrangements honey! Ok so we didn’t use that much flowers during this particular event. BUT we did manage to sustain the attentiveness of the guests attending this rather solemn occasion with fresh greens and flowers. There were acres of fresh paddy sprouts and hedges of water candles in planter boxes and shallow troughs scattered all around the hallway and in the main hall. We also decked the otherwise frigid coffee tables with perky ping pong chrysanthemum and paddy sprout arrangements. The turbid and dark hall came alive once we’re done. Nature prevailed in the end! Kudos to the Sime Darby group for their endeavour towards a sustainable future for all!

January 26, 2010

fruit of the blooms

We figured that you simply couldn't get enough of the fruity floral feast that we featured a few days ago. So, here's more!

January 25, 2010


So what's the big deal with turning eighteen? Find out more here. In the mean time, take a look at this sweet arrangement for an equally sweet girl who just turned eighteen.

fruity floral feast

Here’s something you can sink your teeth into. This fabulous arrangement fuses ripe mangoes, succulent plums and peaches, crunchy pears and apples, gorgeous dripping grapes, quirky kiwis and exotic dragon fruit with bright yellow roses, fluffy hydrangeas, sumptuous cymbidiums with some dusty millers (silver leaf) as garnish. Go ahead darling, enjoy it!

January 23, 2010

just rosy!

Less is more, mused our dear Zuri, referring to Meen & Munir’s wedding reception where only about a hundred of their closest family members and friends attended. Drooping clusters of white and champagne wisterias greeted arriving guests to the quaint Lower Penthouse of Crowne Plaza Mutiara where the event was held in the cool evening. Inside, it was warm and cozy with more clusters of white, champagne and purple wisterias dripping from the ceiling along with fluffy balls of red and purple roses alighting on the branches and bases of tall candelabras set in the middle of the dinner tables. Silver table overlays and crystal chiavari chairs kept the mood light and airy. Adding sparkle to the occasion were fairy lights raining down sheer curtains on the walls, stringed crystals hanging off branches and twinkling tea candles in votive cups hanging on satin ribbons. Everyone felt warm and fuzzy and that was just rosy to us.

January 20, 2010

phoenix, phalaenopsis, phantastic!

We started off on the wrong foot, quite literally, as we were installing props at the entrance of the ballroom. There was a 7-foot long dragon 'hanging' in mid-air and there was also a phoenix with a 10-ft long train standing on a broken leg. A small chaos ensued as we were erecting these pieces in time for the start of the event a few short hours away. But like the phoenix, great things do arise from chaos. Before the start of the event, we managed to create a lasting impression to the arriving guests. But we're just talking about the entrance darling. Wait till you see what lies beyond...