January 30, 2012

positive outlook

in the magical realm of marital bliss, capturing the admiration of your loved one with sumptuous subtlety is pivotal. making good first impressions speaks volumes about your future together. therefore, please ensure that the hantaran you wish to present to your other half is endowed with succinct style and sophistication. pick an appropriate color palette for the flowers to adorn your gift articles. the colors should complement rather than overpower your good intentions. arrange the flowers and articles nonchalantly in shallow vessels that are detachable from their seemingly stoic bases. and finally, lightly sprinkle drops of crystals from unassuming vantage points in your compositions to complete your presentation. may you and the love of your life have a marvellous life together.

January 24, 2012

mission majesty

our angels were off again to the royal town of Seri Menanti last friday. this time to dramatize the tables for an official function held at the Istana Besar Seri Menanti. considering the gravity of the occasion, the palace officials were being more than gracious to afford us the liberty to add more color (apart from the official yellow) to our floral arrangements. in this regard, we are most thankful for their kind consideration.

January 20, 2012

flowing prosperity

they say that prosperity flows with water and a rainy spell at the start of the new year of the dragon alludes to good luck. so, we at Flora Etc, wish all our dear celebrating friends, a year of love, peace and prosperity!


feast your weary eyes on this emotional indulgence and liberate your soul from the rue of lost causes. for love is well and alive in the embrace of these fifty red roses.

confetti cannon

invert that frown of yours with this explosion of colors upon a bed of tender petals and gentle blades garnished with sprays of hardy berries, all wrapped in sheets of ethereal grace.

January 17, 2012

high tea in seri menanti

last sunday, we sent out three of our angels to verdant Seri Menanti to grace the decor of the Dewan Tuanku Ampuan Najihah. there they arranged lush gatherings of brightly colored blooms on the stage and a sprawling of petite floral arrangements on the table prepared especially for Her Royal Highness Tunku Ampuan Besar Negeri Sembilan Tuanku Aishah Rohani binti AlMarhum Tunku Besar Mahmud. we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Puan Norizan Muda of KEMAS Wilayah Persekutuan and our dear friend, Salikin Sidek, for the privilege to share our passion with the people of Seri Menanti.

january babies 2012

yesterday, we took a moment to celebrate the birthdays of seven members of our ever growing populace, yours truly included, who were born in january. a round of salutations to azizi, hadi, zam, rafi, hakim & didi. so, to all ye capricorns and aquariuses, may He grant you longer lives, peace and prosperity!

January 14, 2012

royal reverie

we were perusing through previous portfolios when we found this interesting design that we did almost two years ago. 'twas a simple pelamin that made quite a spectacular impact, especially on the delighted client. a recent client wanted to have a simple affair for her wedding reception. so we thought that this design would suit her requirements perfectly. we decided to revive it, with changes of course. the original design was set up in a living room without the necessity to embellish a large space. this recent design, however, was set up on a stage in a ballroom at the Berjaya Times Square hotel with substantial room for more decorative adventures. so, we instructed our angels to set up the occasion and be mindful of the need to keep it simple in design yet splendid in impact. to compensate the lull of the muted color palette picked by the client, our angels provided plenty of textures and subtle nuances in the choices of fabric and flowers. heavy luxuriant drapes and overlays gave the ambiance a regal touch while lush gregarious flower gatherings in lace encrusted vases rendered the romance. radiance transpired from the flickering candle lights in tall cylinders and votive cups scattered at the entrance, on the main table and around the pelamin. here's the finish look.