February 28, 2011

marrakesh mix

when the venue is already an architecturally marvelous space decked with exotic charms from faraway places, we usually venture no further than to fill the few nooks and crannies with unobtrusive embellishments. this was the case last weekend when we were commissioned to adorn a client's picturesque home in Tropicana for an engagement ceremony. the Moorish-inspired interiors were already articulating a romantic mystique to the ambience and they needed just the slightest floral touches to befit the occasion. so, we chose a neutral palette for our gatherings of mostly exuberant roses and hydrangeas that we garnished with succulent cymbidiums and blissfully fragrant tuberoses. we dressed the dining tables in luxuriant bronze-tinged songket with gold treads and weighed them down with adorable clear votives, loose gatherings in pearl-encrusted shot glasses and centerpieces of golden water pitchers in beds of roses and hydrangeas.

February 23, 2011

news flash

we are delighted to have our Flora Kafe featured in the March issue of Impiana. so, grab your copy today to find out what delectable tidings they have to share on our culinary venture.

February 22, 2011


it rained again on a wedding reception we did at the Mandarin Oriental last Sunday. but this time it was all ribbons in yarns of nylon and organza, tipped with glorious wisterias and chiffon orchids. we made sure that every attending guest would be rained on by having the splendid shower of ribbons at the main entrance. of course the newlyweds and the VIPs had to endure their own dazzling downpours throughout the entire night because we created even more splendid sprinkles where they sat. working with fellow floraphiles from Singapore, we added a whimsical flair to the tables with fanciful topiaries of roses, eustomas, hydrangeas and eucalyptus that we alternated with stands of salix garnished with tulips, roses, matthiolas and hydrangeas. have a look:

February 21, 2011

just peachy

as we advised you earlier, go easy on your engagement celebration so that later you may lavish more time and energy on your other (bigger) event. here's another example of a simple yet splendid engagement ceremony we did recently.

February 17, 2011

delhi delight

back in the spring of 2009, we were commissioned to do a wedding in New Delhi. it was one of those rare and special delights to be cherished mainly because the client was, and still is, a dear dear friend. an all-white affair, we had a splendid adventure donning the momentous occasion in spectacular fabrics, crystals and of course, fabulous blooms both enticing and fragrant.

February 16, 2011


a certain customary practice by the royals dictates that the gift items for a hantaran, except for the tepak sirih, should not be ostentatiously displayed upon their carrying vessels. for this little known fact, the client who commissioned us to adorn her hantaran set provided these interesting covers to veil her gift items. but thankfully, the practice does not prohibit overt display of the floral garnishing.