April 23, 2014

under the big top

finally, pictures from the night of the big event in Temerloh..

rudimentary regalia

the royal event in Temerloh was our first assignment that involved the production of a swing to seat a princess and her two brothers all at once.  initially, we tried to source for a readymade swing from the local market.  but we could not find one appropriate for the occasion.  so, we had to design and build one ourselves from scratch.  here's a closer look at our efforts but stay tune for more..

April 22, 2014

royal sojourn

as soon as they returned from an exotic adventure in Sarawak, our angels reorganized, packed their tools and proceeded to the city of Temerloh in central Pahang for a week-long royal adventure. this time, it was for the occasion of "Istiadat Berkhatan dan Bertindik Yang Mulia Pduka-Paduka Anakanda Yang Amat Mulia Tengku Muda Pahang".  we were commisioned by His Highness Tengku Muda Tengku Abdul Rahman Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, to furnish the royal tent where the occasion was officiated with our signature floral touches.  we were informed that the royal tent would be the largest transparent marquee ever erected in the country.  daunting indeed.  but the huge challenge and higher expectation excited us even more.

for the most part, we were requested to design and construct a royal stage for two royal daises:  one to seat His Royal Highness Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, his wife, His Highness Tengku Mahkota Tengku Abdullah and his wives; another to seat the two princes and princess of His Highness Tengku Muda.  on this latter dais, we were to design and produce a royal swing where the princess and her two brothers would be comfortably seated during the entire occasion.

our other tasks included decorating the royal banquet table, the guest tables, and the elephant carriages of the princess and her two siblings.  we also furnished the grand ceiling of the transparent marquee with our crystal chandeliers.  here's a look at the decorations hours away from the start of the event later in the evening. but stay tune for more..

April 20, 2014

color blind

no, we're not referring to the client, God forbid.  but while taking shots of this wedding reception at the Shangri-La, the technicians were busy adjusting the lighting to different effects.  so the resulting images captured do not represent the true colors of the decor.  nonetheless, we're happy to present our decor in a different light.  note the gorgeous new crystal vases in triplicates of round cylinders, rectangles and globules we premiered.  you gotta have them in your next event!