April 25, 2011

royal ball

during the birthday celebration of His Royal Highness Paduka Seri Sultan Perak recently held at the Shangri-La, we dressed the ballroom in regal feel with elongated fabric pillars dropped from the ceiling awash in elegant purple light. we floated white floral panels around the ballroom to add a crisp courtliness to the darken curtained walls. the tables, appropriately dressed in rich overlays, were luminescent with candles and gloriously decked with our signature floral arrangements that featured gorgeous yellow tulips.

happy and glorious

we created an adorable ambiance for the princess, replete with iridescent balloons, ribbons and secret corners. but when it came to the queen mother, we had to create a more endearing aura to reflect her maturity, status and uncompromising taste level. so, out with the toile overlays and in with the black and gold sequins. above the lush gatherings of roses, tulips and orchids, we floated tea lights in clear votive cups upon transparent pedestals dripping with clear crystals. no hidden corners for secret whispers this time. all were seated comfortably in an open space upon clear louis chairs padded with plush cushions so everyone could engage in open conversations throughout the entire evening. cheers!

soft love

our oversize felt flowers featured prominently during the wedding reception at the Dewan Merak Kayangan recently. the flowers drew the admiration of arriving guests at the entrance as well as those seated inside the ballroom with their sheer size and elegance. the ambiance was light and airy with colors emanating from our signature gatherings clustered in the middle of the main table and floated upon tall transparent stands and cylinders. the all-white pelamin evoked such fresh innocence with its bold floral motifs and modest splashes of colors.

simple allure

less is more when it comes to decorating small spaces. when we were provided with this corner in a home in Bukit Antarabangsa to do a pelamin, we had to keep things as comfortably clean and simple as our conscience allowed but still looked pleasing to our clients and acceptable to our standards. so, we kept the colors mostly muted with greens and whites, with occasional punctuations in shades of purple. of course we had to have a little drama. this took the form of a double-layered white backdrop in fabric, feathers and fabulous raindrop crystals.

tropical treat

recently, Exxon Mobil held a corporate dinner at the Saloma Bistro and engaged our team to enliven the 60's styled venue. the choice theme was vibrant tropical colors with touches of traditional Malay elements. so, we featured the tropical colors in our pick of flowers and fruits, the traditional Malay elements in the fabric and props. guests heading to the bistro were welcomed by a golden pohon beringin juxtaposed with sentinels of tall tropical arrangements floated on clear cylinders upon black pedestals emblazoned with bold traditional motifs in gold. more tropical arrangements welcomed the guests as they proceeded to the curtained main entranced. once inside, guests were treated to an assembly of colorful tropical gardens set upon tables draped in rich songket. upon close inspection, guests would notice that each garden was arranged to be different from the one on the next table with its own mix of fruits and flowers. it's a practice our team simply loves to do and we know our client loved it too!

April 21, 2011

girlie show

we love to provide ample and appropriate social spaces for all guests attending the events that we do. and we love love love venues that provide us the means to accomplish this accommodating feat without much ado. this birthday celebration at the Equatorial Hotel’s Chalet restaurant had plenty of choice spaces for the hostess' bff and not-so-bff. there were the open lounge seating arrangement for the early birds and chaperones, the long Viking table arrangement for those who wouldn’t mind it, the more private banquettes for the choosy and more inhibited types, and the ultimate cuddly comfy corner for the hostess and her favorite bff to enjoy a private corner amidst all the spectacle. of course all these different spaces also allow us to showcase a host of our fresh gatherings in different charming configurations.

moroccan massala

a client wanted a weddng reception dinner without the fuss of an elaborate pelamin. instead, she wished for a down-to-earth dais set on a stage where she could sit comfortably for her Quran recital in the midst of a moroccan affair. but it could have been a predictable (and quite boring) affair if we had stuck to the usual archetype. so, we decided to add a bit of moghul flavors with a zesty blend of playful colors upon a minimalist backdrop for that au courant feel.


we presented a light and airy elegance for this simple wedding reception dinner held at the main ballroom of the Crown Plaza hotel. at the entrance, we erected a canopy of white curtains bubbling with raindrop crystals and decorated with an array of loose gatherings of white roses, dendrobiums and hydrangeas. we laid out a silver carpet with pintuck patterns that paved the way into the ballroom. the pelamin inside the ballroom was reminiscent of the one we did last december but we altered the details to make this one another unique creation. see if you can spot the differences between the two.


we appropriated warm comforting colors upon chic elegance for this birthday dinner to reflect the decorous nature of the hostess. With the venue at the mandarin oriental awash in gold light, we delineated the mood for the evening with splashes of sensuous reds upon a landscape of gold fabric plain, textured and glittered finished with black accents.