February 26, 2010

laid-back lilac

if purple seems a lil too harsh for you, try lilac. last week, we created lovely lilac arrangements for our client, Sheila. there were center pieces for the tables, bunga pahars for the pelamin, and a loose arrangement for the bridal suite. to add a fresh appeal to the laid-back feel, we sprinkled in pink dendrobium orchids and for body, we added lisianthus eustomas and pittosporums. so, just sit back and enjoy the show, darling.

eye candy

actually, the bunga pahar we refered to earlier are meant for a baby shower that will be held over this weekend. apart from the ferrero rochers, there are lollipops in the arrangements as well. sweets for your sweets...sugar for your honey!

February 24, 2010

chocolate factory

our very own dedicated crew of oompa loompahs hard at work! well, not really. it's just our talents preparing the bunga pahar for a client of ours. ferrero rocher on a schtick anyone?

February 23, 2010

ravishing red

red is a sunset
blazing and bright.
red is feeling brave
with all your might.
red is a sunburn
a spot on your nose.
sometimes red, is a red red rose. – author unknown

February 22, 2010

man, oman!

we received an order for a hand bouquet to be presented to an envoy from Oman and we were more than delighted to oblige. so, we picked 3 of our favourite types of flowers and created a bouquet worthy of the attention of our dignified foreign visitor. there were roses of course, thick, velvety and fiery crimson. next, there were cymbidiums, all crunchy, succulent and mellow in yellow. and lastly, hydrangeas, fluffy, full-bodied and fabulous. of course, we’re never happy unless we added in extras. so, we threw in a bunch of cream roses and white lilies for good measure, and bundled everything snug and comfy with a handful of variegated iron leaves (dracaena massangeana) and bear grass. the result? my, oh my!