June 27, 2011


the pelamin we did last december has become one of the most favored and most requested by our clients. of course, to ensure a one-of-a-kind experience for each new client, we had to make each successive pelamin as distinct as possible without compromising on the original look. for this wedding reception at the Legend Hotel, we added several details to the pelamin for that distinct touch. we dropped a trio of white fabric to the left and right of the pelamin for added volume and cinched each fabric with an oversize felt bloom for added texture. of course, the choices of fresh flowers for this pelamin also set it apart from the original and the other 'duplicates'. with fresh flowers, every occasion is unique!

middle earth

fairy lights and white blooms glorified the surround of this client's home in Petaling Jaya where an akad nikah ceremony was held. our team had a splendid time decking the venue with brilliant lights and copious amounts of raindrop crystals and apple blossoms, transforming an otherwise regular evening into a magical experience. we set up transparent tents with crystal chandeliers for guests to dine, sitting on white chiavary chairs around tables covered in sequined silver overlays. we adorned each table with gatherings of roses and hydrangeas in resplendent colors garnished with samplings of succulent grapes and berries. the highlight of the evening was the pelamin with its lush canopy of apple blossoms and hanging tea lights. we arranged beneath it a plush settee upon a double tiered dais covered in rich silver carpeting. of course no pelamin of ours is complete without our flowers! this time, we created two explosions of colors on oversize rustic urns at one corner, trailed by a detritus of equally explosive colors to the left and right of the settee.

June 26, 2011

spice of life

a favorite decorative theme that clients often asked for in the look of their event or wedding is the "Arabian" or "Moroccan". this would generally involve providing the look and feel of Arabia or Morocco through the use of architectural elements like symmetry, archways and geometric motifs. the details would incorporate the use of decorative items like glass oil lamps, silver vases, cushions, heavy fabrics and the all-important elaborate trimmings like tassels and palmettes. the color palette is also a significant element to consider. for clients who are partial to the traditional look, we would pick a color range that would reflect the colors of spices--bright, vibrant hues of yellows, reds, and oranges. often enough, we accomplish this through the use of brightly colored flowers! for those leaning more to a softer updated feel, we would pick a palette more subdued like the one we used for the ethereal experience last december, for example. of course, there are no rules etched in stone for that definite Arabian or Moroccan look. for this recent wedding reception, we incorporated both the traditional and modern for a look that is as unique as any of the experiences we created.

June 24, 2011


a dear friend of ours, the dashing Zed Zaidi, finally tied the knot and celebrated his big day with a reception dinner at the Dewan Perdana Felda. we were elated to be a part of the celebration, lending our floral touches to this auspicious event. as our friend is such a casual sort, we made sure that the affair is anything but insouciant. but we were also mindful as not to go OTT with the decor. we started our routine with our quintessential canopy entrance. sheer white curtains tucked gracefully to their posts in staggered sequence created a greater illusion of depth while bold red borders added the small detail that made all the difference. water candles and fresh gatherings of roses and orchids floating in clear cylinders finished off the look of the entrance. we carried on the welcoming round with a narrow corridor cloaked in silver fabric to invoke a sense of anticipation to guests entering the hall. once inside, we surprised the guests with an abundant composition of vibrant gatherings in yellows, reds and oranges upon a main table covered with a gold sequinned overlay. beyond this spectacle, we hid the final surprise behind a wall of heavy curtain that was only drawn when the proud newlyweds made their formal entrance. of course, you may scroll down this page to see what the surprise is! our best hopes and prayers to Zed and the love of his life! amin..!