August 20, 2014

flora kitchen

if you're still wondering what our angels are serving in one of our kitchens, look through the pages of the latest Dapur Impiana to know more..

August 19, 2014

fashionably green

we felt much privileged and honored being chosen to decorate the serenely magnificent interiors of the Seri Negara for the premiere of an up-and-coming fashion brand from the middle east.  inspired by pictorials of models posing in the brand's exquisitely tailored abayas amidst a verdant garden scape, we created a lush green backdrop for the epicenter of the fashion show in the lobby of the Seri Negara.  elsewhere, in the corridors and the tea room, we installed more austere decorations which are nonetheless dramatic.  have a look..

August 18, 2014

repeat offender

we can never deny a client's wishes even if it would cause us another serious case of deja vu.  but certain pelamin designs we created are simply irresistible to more than a few clients who do not mind sharing the same look.  so, last saturday at the Flamingo Hotel, we installed another clients' favorite on the main stage.  of course with fresh flowers, the pelamin is as unique as all the other pelamins we installed.