March 29, 2012

colorado spring

we've been truly blessed this week with light outdoor events happening almost back-to-back. the venues were indeed breaths of fresh air for our angels yearning for activities out in the open. the latest event was held on the grounds of the breathtaking KL PAC with verdant landscapes and awe-inspiring architectural wonders. it's almost unbelievable that such a place exists right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. it was here that our friends from Naza Quest commissioned us to embellish the launching of their latest Chevrolet model, the Colorado, with touches of glamor and glitter. have a look...

March 28, 2012

flowers in the forest

a friend, and big fan of ours, had attended a mexican-themed wedding reception that we did almost 3 years ago and he was curious to know why we did not feature that event in our blog. we were dumbfounded. in our haste to gratify our current demands, we have forgotten to look back to our past for inspirations, for old times' sake. so, thank you Dr. Kamarul for helping us to be mindful of our past and remind us to share what needs to be shared. here's that wedding reception we did that july in 2009:

March 27, 2012

wow factor

hip urban spaces make excellent choices for event venues. they also provide refreshing esthetic inspirations to our angels. this was the reason for their excitement last weekend when our client, Danny, chose Zebra Square in Jalan Kampung Pandan as the venue for his wedding reception dinner. the gravel-topped grounds, bare cement floors and high-ceilinged interiors of the complex provided plenty of raw spaces for our angels to explore and showcase their creative charms. although we revisited a previous design for the pelamin, the chic space and subdued color palette that Danny picked staved off all recollections of the past. we also like to add that our bespoke candelabras brought all attentions to a new height, quite literally. to all fans of Danny who might find it unnerving to have him missing in our photos, we suggest you go here to get an eyeful of him and his new bride.

white night

our table arrangement featured extremely well at Kelvin & Zetty's reception dinner last saturday. the parquet flooring of the Saloma Bistro, where the event was held, perfectly accentuated our dainty congregation of dinner tables draped in peach floral appliqued overlays. although we topped the regular tables with triplets of loose cutesy posies, we decked the u-shaped main table with rich sprawls of white blossoms encased in sturdy glass vases. amongst the gatherings, we scattered tea lights and block candles in a playful mix of slender holders, darling votives and chunky vases to emote warmth, radiance and charm. upon the stage facing the main table stood the pelamin, splendid in showers of gossamer fabric punctuated by a glorious spectacle we extricated from the chrysanthemum throne. of course for this occasion we finished it in white and bathed it in bright light to resonate the good wishes and prayers that each of the guests was bestowing on the newlyweds.

March 23, 2012


we are all parched from the days of exertion and execution at the Mandarin Oriental for the Sapura and Kencana Petroleum Red Ribbon GP Ball. no words will suffice to convey our experience but this message from a dear client and friend says it all:

"hi razak, on behalf of MAF & myself, I would like to say a BiG thank you to you and your team for the wonderful work you did for the Red Ribbon GP Ball. everybody gave nothing but compliments on the beautiful set-up. may Allah subhanahu wa taala bless you always for your kindness and generosity. salam, nigel."