December 31, 2010

blessed bliss

the second day of celebration for our client at the mandarin oriental was set in blue, white and earthy brown. a complete turn around from the previous day's youthful fun and colors, the second day's occasion reflects solemn faith, sincere love and everlasting bliss. we believe that the following shots are best viewed in silent contemplation...

December 30, 2010

cirque du chic

so, what's a girl to do the day after she's married to the man of her dreams? p-a-r-t-a-y! and what a way to party than to invite all your friends to an all-night food and dance fest showered in glamorous colors and glittering lights! this was the look and feel that our client requested for her reception dinner the night after her solemnization ceremony. so, we conjured up visions of free flowing shapes in multi-colored hues filling up the spaces inside and outside the mandarin oriental ballroom starting from the winding staircase leading up to the venue.
we bathed the walls and ceiling of the ballroom in bright colors and set the tables writhing in serpentine fashion in spokes of four. where the tables met, we erected a lofty tree with four outstretched branches that rained down multi-colored satin ribbons interspersed with clear acrylic sticks that flickered when shone upon by flashing lights. around the tables, we draped the black chiavari chairs in three tones of purple covers in three alternating designs. upon the tables, we farmed a collage of flora in shades of reds, purples, greens and oranges. there were succulents, berries and rare berzilias apart from the multitudes of regular cymbidiums, brassicas, irises, hydrangeas, tulips, callas and lilacs. in the spaces between the blooms, we placed lofty ostrich plume center pieces and scattered block candles on chrome-plated candle stands and tea lights in bauble-shaped votive cups.
outside the ballroom, we laid out a lounge area with white and orange ottomans both cubic and tubular arranged around acrylic coffee tables lit from within. on certain surfaces of the tables, guests could make out the initials of the newlyweds. upon the tables, we placed cutesy posies of orange amaryllis, callas, ornithogalums, parrot tulips and pink hydrangeas. we also erected giant trees with singular canopies of orange satin and organza ribbons between the clusters of ottomans. we hung LED cubes between the ribbons and lit them up in neon green and blue. at the base of the trees, we placed orange donut sofas that we littered with plush cushions in orange and white.
on the night of the event, fireworks lit up the aisle as the newlyweds entered the ballroom and that was exactly the effect we intended for the guests to experience during the occasion.

December 29, 2010

classical contemporary chic

yes, we're still at the residence on bukit tunku! but this time we're showing our work on the exterior of our client's dwelling. friends and family members of our client who frequented the residence were in for a pleasant surprise when they encountered the new look we created for the balcony entrance. instead of the usual stone balustrades, we put up a Chanel-inspired facade in white with black accents. loose gatherings of white flowers and block candles in tall glass cylinders finished off the look.

next, we erected white canopies over the outdoor dining area. the design of the canopies mirrors that of the balcony entrance with square valances, black-lined white curtains and roman blinds as accents. beneath each canopy, we hung a shaded chandelier especially bought for the occasion. arriving guests would stream into the canopies through an entryway marked by tall black-washed hurricane lamps fronting hedges of fresh white blooms. we added a little touch of drama behind the hedges with a row of wrought iron fencing painted black and accented with the initials of the newlyweds.

below the canopies, guests were first greeted by a lounge area furnished with sofas, ottomans, plush pillows and acrylic coffee tables with accompanying floral center pieces. beyond this area, regular guests would seat themselves on black chiavari chairs while dining upon round tables lavished with pin-tuffed satin overlays decked with floral center pieces in alternating heights. specially invited guests would sit on classical Louis chairs around the elongated main table conversing amongst them over an island of white floral gatherings accentuated with candelabras.

here are snapshots of the outdoor setting just minutes before the nikah ceremony...

falling into love

previously, we had the pleasure of working with the other family members of our client, lending our floral touches to their engagement and wedding events. this time, we faced the challenge of creating a whole new ambiance in a very familiar surrounding. fortunately, we were blessed with inspirations via the internet! so, we fashioned the decor for our client's interiors after the look of a recent Chanel fashion show. but of course we added our signature floral touches to give it a Flora Etc flair.


his and hers

the hantaran sets of the bride and groom were mini-theatrical plays in themselves. the bride's gifts for the groom were borne upon nine tall silver dulangs. these were covered with handmade buffled satin skirts adorned with clusters of pearls and clear diamantes. gift items were set upon oval vessels in silver, trimmed with pearl ribbons and decked with clusters of lovely white peonies and cymbidiums. the dulangs stood upon handmade trays covered with padded pin-tuffed satin trimmed with pearl-tipped ribbons.

next, the gifts for the bride were placed upon seven silver plates balanced upon tall trophy stands with classical motifs. the flowers we picked to adorn the gifts were graceful white phalaenopsis orchids and petit white freesias. turquoise crystal flowers were added garnishing to the arrangement. we finished off this hantaran set with trays in padded pin-tuffed satin similar to the previous set but with clear and turquoise diamante trimmings.


into the sublime

we're back! exhausted from all the excitement but eager to share all that we've accomplished. but first let us get back to the promise we made before we left. we've been keeping things under wraps for good measure but now it's time to let it all out. we'll dispense with the gossipy details and impress you with the esthetics instead.

in today's post, we present to you the pelamin that we created for our client's nikah ceremony at his home in bukit tunku. although it was an all-white occasion, we filled the white canvas with a rich array of textures and shapes to create those emotive depth and feel befitting this most auspicious of days.

we started with the walls by draping it with fine curtains of billowy white fabric. at the far end, we erected a double-tiered dais wrapped in luxuriant white carpeting embellished with clusters of oversized pearls and diamond-shaped crystals set upon ruffled white satin. we repeated this embellishment on the outer perimeter of the double-layered backdrop. in the sunken center of the backdrop, we covered the wall with a breathtaking-composition of giant felt blooms in four distinct designs.

in front of the backdrop, we erected a barricade of fabric-covered pedestals in varying heights decked with fresh gatherings of white roses, brassicas and hydrangeas. we lined the bases of the pedestals with more of the oversized felt blooms. beyond the floral barricade, we arranged two clusters of fresh blooms set upon slim pedestals wrapped in corduroy and ringed with pearl-encrusted ribbons. the cluster on the left consisted of posies of white astilbes and white tulips while the cluster on the right consisted of posies of white lilacs on beds of white hydrangeas. at the bases of the clusters, more giant felt blooms!

on the settee we set upon the dais, we laid out plush cushions either in covers of beaded-pearls or translucent sequin-trimmed terry cloth. we finished off the royal seating arrangement with a pair of handmade ostrich plume fans embellished with clusters of pearls and sprinkled with diamantes. the details beget the drama, darling!