December 31, 2012


last weekend, we created this elegant baby chamber for a majlis cukur jambul at our client's private residence in Sri Hartamas.  for this event to welcome the birth of her baby boy, our client chose a relaxing palette of gray and cream with a highlight of yellow.  we manifested the creams and yellows in the flower gatherings, and the grays in the furnishings.  have a look..

December 27, 2012

mallard appeal

we exercised caution when dealing with complementary colors for this wedding reception at the Shangri-La hotel, uncertain whether the irregular mix would create chaos to the overall look.  but based on the client's reception, we believed that we managed to pull off a congruous impression.

December 26, 2012


if you fancy gold and yellow, dress up your moment in this brilliant palette. add a dash of elegance with crystals and have your guests enjoy the pageantry sitting on crystal chiavaris. 

December 24, 2012

yuletide treasures

we've decked the hall and are eager to welcome our guests tomorrow for a holiday feast at the Flora Kafe. to our dear friends celebrating Christmas, have a very merry time this holiday and we look forward to a wonderful new year for all.

written in the stars

yesterday, at the Kiara Equestrian Club, we created quite a celestial spectacle for our client with simple earthly elements. when crowned with apple blossoms dripping with stringed crystals and bathed in warm light, the elegantly modest pelamin we set up was instantly transformed into a majestic nebula. we hope the otherworldly sight will usher in a stellar experience for the newlyweds in their next big event.

chamber made

for a chic experience with traditional flair, we recommend melding stylish ethnic elements within a contemporary balance. 

December 15, 2012

seasonal color

we smoldered the table tops with black magic roses for this birthday celebration at the Flora Terrace.  checkered sequined overlays added a touch of glamor and tea lights in red votive cups added a seasonal flavor to the whole affair.

December 14, 2012


a client celebrated her birthday at the Ritz Carlton while paying homage to two of her favorite recreations: hollywood and bollywood.  glitter, glitz and glorious colors were the essential elements that we afforded to the decor of the event in order to recreate the excitement of the two glamorous worlds.