February 21, 2012

tasty read

our friends from Nona came down to our kafe, saw our decor and left elated by the whole adventure. read more about their experience in their latest issue.

February 20, 2012

purple reign

our angels left the Dewan Perdana FELDA exhausted after a full night of balancing on tottering scaffoldings, wrestling with dizzying heights and stretching out to hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in a valiant effort to deliver their utmost. but all were excited and triumphant nonetheless. our angels left a beguiling trail of extravagant flower gatherings in a mixed palette of purples, pinks and creams along the path from the entrance to the imposing pelamin in the main ballroom. instead of classical urns and vases that would correspond favorably with the look of the pelamin, we used glass cylinders (clear, smoky and crackled) and mirror pedestals (stacked, upright and recumbent) to edge out familiar notions of a classical design. the angels have taken wing, let the spectacle begin!

February 19, 2012


our angels descended upon the Dewan Perdana FELDA last saturday night in their latest assignment for a wedding reception. what appeared to be a regular task of populating a simple pelamin design with lush flower gatherings proved to be another massive challenge for our earthbound angels. scaffolding had to be erected beside the enormous pelamin backdrop to allow our angels to reach it's far corners. but every effort translated beautifully in the end. look closely to appreciate the details our angels added to enhance the look of the backdrop. it's all about the drama darling! so stay tuned for the next blog post for the finish look.

sunday sorbet

we hope our client will be thrilled to receive this lovely bridal bouquet so lovingly put together by one of our angels. luscious pink tulips amongst a gregarious mix of lilac roses, purple and pink hydrangeas, and a light sprinkling of fiddleheads bound together with satin and organza ribbons. our angel added a layer of glamor to the ensemble with a chunky brooch of smokey black, diamond and turquoise crystals. have a look...

February 13, 2012

sex in the city

recently, our friends from Astro launched their new tv channel, Astro Bella, at the chic Ciao Ristorante. the new channel is aimed to attract ardent fans of telenovellas and we were requested to give its launch the Flora Etc treatment. we had, however, very little in terms of lead time but we had plenty in terms of imagination. so, our angels gathered all the necessary resources and set out full-throttle to please our dear client. as telenovellas are known for their palpitation-inducing vibe, we toyed with colors and elements that evoke love, romance and decadent passion in our design. red, being the quintessential color of love and romance, featured predominantly in the flowers, fruits and fabric that we picked. we also used black to elicit the less desirable but certainly notable side to all that love and passion. glamor was sprinkled on the table overlays in sequins and on the seductive mannequins in voluminous corsages and chunky crystal accessories. quite literally, our towering glory for the event was the forbidden tree that bore all those irresistible red fruits. of course our tree also featured teardrop crystals, hanging bubble vases and succulent cymbidiums for a sumptuous dose of drama. yes, my precious, come and have a bite..!

February 12, 2012

fantasy fair

we were delighted when Farhan from Akademi Fantasia 4 decided to hold her engagement ceremony at our very own Flora Kafe. because our kafe has been designed to cater to such private functions, Farhan's proceedings went on flawlessly. our angels even concluded that it was one of the smoothest special events we helped put together. maybe it was the venue, maybe it was the food or maybe Farhan was the easiest client to work with. whatever the reason, we hope this was good karma for better things to come. we wish and pray for the best for both Farhan and her betrothed. and we certainly look forward to their wedding day.

February 10, 2012

chic classical

get classical on your big day with a handful of white tulips embraced within the downy confines of hydrangeas in sublime white and muted green, all gathered and wound with a satin ribbon adorned with embroidered lace and pearlescent pins.

February 4, 2012


we are deeply humbled and honored when our friends at Tatler placed a small mention of us in their Who's Who list for 2012. we just can't thank them enough.

February 2, 2012


just when you think that hope is gone, you only have to look inside these pages. thank you yet again Glam Deko, muah!