January 29, 2013

hi society!

last saturday was one of the most memorable dates for all of us at Flora Etc., and especially for those of us in Flora Academy.  our first batch of graduating florists from the academy received their scrolls from Her Royal Highness Tunku Ampuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan, Tuanku Aishah Rohani binti Almarhum Tengku Besar Mahmud at the Dewan Tunku Ampuan Najihah in Seri Menanti.  to celebrate the significance of the occasion, we lavished the dewan and the adjoining tents with our signature draperies and floral gatherings.  three members of the graduating class gallantly demonstrated their mastery of the art of flower arranging in front of Her Royal Highness by completing four arrangements in under twenty minutes.  we later presented the creations to Her Royal Highness and the other honored guests seated at the high table.  we also distributed hand bouquets to twenty five ViPs representing various organizations from Negeri Sembilan who were also present.

to the graduating class of 2012, we salute all of you for your keen interest and dedication to the art of flower arranging:
Nurshahera binti Kamarudin
Nur Ain binti kamarudin
Norhanim binti Mispani
Fara Syahira binti Zainurin
Mazlinda binti Ismail
Ainn Nurfarhana binti Atrimal
Nor Izzati Syaza binti Roslin
Nurfarhana binti Mohd Nor
Siti Nurain binti S. Warti
Adzlyn Idzwana binti Ramlan.

we would also like to thank and congratulate our very own Mohd Adli bin Mohamed Nor for his efforts and dedication in sharing his passion and skills with the students.  and finally, our utmost gratitude to Puan Norizan binti Muda, Director of KEMAS Negeri Sembilan, for her undivided support for our cause in sharing our love and passion with the masses.

January 25, 2013

blue yonder

our angels were on familiar territory for this majlis cukur jambul.  we lavished the halls and grounds of this private residence with our floral displays a number of times before and accumulated plenty of praises from the satisfied tenants as well.  so when we were summoned yet again for another engagement at the resident, we were more than thrilled to please our clients.  on this occasion, the festive season, among others, had inspired us to create an ambience glorious in chinoiserie charm and chic.  for the baby chamber, we gathered flowers in delicate pale hues upon blue and white porcelain and placed them strategically on the sunken surfaces of the panelled walls we erected.  soft fabric and plush seats completed the look of the baby chamber.  for the dining area set under white tents festooned with blue lanterns, we placed similar flower gatherings upon oversized round placemats printed with the blue and white porcelain motifs.  here's a peek at the look of the majlis.

January 21, 2013

picture perfect

early this month we did another majlis cukur jambul at a private residence in Bukit Jelutong.  our client wanted to feature pictures of her adorable baby boy to her guests in a special way.  so, we provided this backdrop for her so her guests may appreciate the pictures and the baby in comfort.