November 8, 2010

drops of jupiter

last Thursday, we celebrated the union of our beloved team member, Rosli Abdullah, and his lovely bride, Nuraini, at Anjung Felda. the venue exuded a rustic charm with open pavilions for guests to dine and mingle, as well as enclosed quarters for close friends and family members to engage in private conversations with the bride and groom. to make it a night of revelry and remembrance, we added our signature floral touches to the tables and pelamin, soft fabric and floral panels beneath the eaves of the pavilions, glowing tea lights on the pavements and copious garnishings of bling all over. our best wishes and prayers to the newlyweds, may He grant them everlasting love and happiness, amin.

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liTTle BiRDie said...

razak, i punye gambar pelamin yg mcm ni mane??? hahhahah lol