August 12, 2011


't was another grand occasion at the Shangrila ballroom, recently, where the wedding reception of Noh and Nina was held. 't was also another delightful affair for our team where we got to paint the occasion with our choice color combination of regal purples, blushing pinks and a sprinkling of refreshing greens. our adornments began at the main entrance where a canopy of abundant roses and hydrangeas greeted arriving guests. the lofty arrangement blended perfectly with the ornate borders framing the door while mirror columns ringed with ruffled fabric and pedestals topped with effusive gatherings added depth to an otherwise flat setting. block candles in tall smoked cylinders and tea lights in clear votive cups finished the look with just the right amount of glimmer. a length of red satin with metallic borders ushered the way into the ballroom.

inside, the ballroom was awash in pink glow reflected off the white curtained walls. to the left of the satin trail was the high table where select guests and the newlyweds sat behind a long table draped in sequined luxury facing a row of lush flower gatherings on mirror boxes punctuated with triplicates of candles in chrome stands, tall cylinders and votive cups. to the right, upon transparent louis chairs, regular guests dined around tables draped in equally luxuriant sequined overlays topped with snug but lush floral gatherings with accompanying candles in trios of chrome stands and triplicates of votive cups.

beyond the dining guests, we set up a capricious pelamin of florals, fabric and fantastical crystals that mirrored the look of the main entrance. we started with a tall backdrop of cut mirrors arranged squarely within a boxed frame. to break the monotony of the arrangement, we added a layer of smaller mirror squares arranged diagonally over the first layer. we then soften the crisp hard look of the squares with glorious fresh blooms that we arranged tenderly over the sharp edges. in front of this backdrop, we placed a double-tiered half-moon dais bedecked with mirror tiles upon which we positioned a pair of gilded chairs upholstered in fine jacquard. next, we erected companion panels to the sides of the backdrop. these we embellished with soft pleated fabric layered with a dazzling curtain of raindrop crystals.

finally, we brought in gatherings of bountiful hydrangeas and roses on high vessels and low mirror boxes. we arranged these accordingly on the stage and along the steps leading to the dais. we placed candles in smoked cylinders amongst the gatherings and hung a crystal chandelier above the dais to cast a glorious shimmer upon the entire spectacle.

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hsil kerjo Flora etc...mmng mmemuaskn...good job Flora etc...