February 20, 2012

purple reign

our angels left the Dewan Perdana FELDA exhausted after a full night of balancing on tottering scaffoldings, wrestling with dizzying heights and stretching out to hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in a valiant effort to deliver their utmost. but all were excited and triumphant nonetheless. our angels left a beguiling trail of extravagant flower gatherings in a mixed palette of purples, pinks and creams along the path from the entrance to the imposing pelamin in the main ballroom. instead of classical urns and vases that would correspond favorably with the look of the pelamin, we used glass cylinders (clear, smoky and crackled) and mirror pedestals (stacked, upright and recumbent) to edge out familiar notions of a classical design. the angels have taken wing, let the spectacle begin!

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