October 4, 2013

cotton eye candy

recently, our friends at Lord's Tailor played host to their business partners from Italy. they wanted to give their flagship store in Bangsar a subtle yet sophisticated look to impress their visiting friends. so, they commissioned us to decorate their storefront with cotton flowers, a choice most dear to their hearts. as this was one of those especially unique occasions, it provided us the rare opportunity to think out-of-the-box and inspired us to create new materials.  cotton flowers which are actually fluffs of cotton fiber bursting out of dried-up bolls, are exceedingly charming and go extremely well with rustic themes. however, for this particular occasion, we needed to present them as chic, sophisticated, haute couture. so, we created these tall metal frame boxes to serve as cocktail tables, decked cotton flower posies in miniature metal frame boxes on them, and filled the negative space of the boxes with tall gatherings of cotton flower stalks. our client was immensely impressed with the resulting look and we couldn't be happier with our work.

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