April 14, 2014

in black and white

recently at the Borneo Convention Center in Kuching, Sarawak, we created an experience that not only enchanted our client and her guests but also enlivened the spirits of our angels.  through a dear friend, the talented production designer Raja Malek, we were introduced to our client, Lynn, who charmed us with her wit and a personal style all her own.  her exotic background as a Sarawakian and her betrothal to a man of African descent inspired Raja Malek and us to dream of a wedding theme like no other.

for the akad nikah ceremony, we erected a pelamin that embodied our client's Sarawak heritage and her love for elements that are simple yet stunning.  the pelamin consisted of a representation of a dipterocarp tree upon a silhouette of other (smaller) trees arranged in a crescent row.  during the actual akad, the groom, the imam and witnesses to the proceeding, all sat beneath the lush white canopy of the dipterocarp.  the seemingly austere set up lent a pure and dignified ambiance to the procedure.  the play of light and shadow created a surreal experience no words can describe.

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