June 3, 2014

coco chic

last week, we were at the Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar hotel to adorn the fashion show of our dear friend, Jovian Mandagie.  the occasion was truly a historic one not only for Jovian who staged 3 shows in the same space within the span of a day but also for our angels who worked extraordinarily swiftly within extremely tight intervals to create 3 different ambiances for the 3 shows.  as with every out-of-the-ordinary assignment we had to plan and devise creative designs to mainly please our client and also importantly, to ease the workload of our angels.  this event was truly a daunting challenge.  but our years of experience and hard work paid-off remarkably well.  both our client and his guests were delighted with the looks we created.  here's a peek at the Coco by Jovian ambiance we installed..