April 20, 2010

dirgahayu oh sultanku

‘twas another euphoric adventure for our team transforming the inner space of the Shangri-La KL grand ballroom from drab to dreamy. a member of the Perak royal family was celebrating his birthday and we were commissioned to create that majestic feel for the event. with the entire walls draped in black, all focus shifted to the center of the ballroom where we erected 3 sets of giant parasols regurgitating a profusion of grey and purple streamers onto the attending guests. the regurgitation was more than welcomed by the guests for at the ends of the streamers we attached glowing LED cubes and sparkling disco balls that were simply mesmerizing. the tables were arranged wickedly and decked with a wonderful array of our signature floral arrangements. calla lilies in graceful contortions were arranged loosely in clear cylinders, as were the delicate agapanthus and dainty mokaras. red roses were either compacted in fluffy posies or paired with brassicas and monsteras and plunged into tall elegant vases. showy yellow cymbidiums were scattered and floated on the dinner tables as well as squeezed amongst the other blooms. wherever gaps appeared we plugged them with downy hydrangeas. here are glimpses of the ballroom minutes before the start of the royal ball.

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