April 5, 2010

hot & spicy

a client was inviting his friend who was from abroad for dinner and he commissioned us to create a floral ambience in his palatial abode that would reflect the bountiful warmth and colourful taste of our beloved country. so, we arranged for a floral feast that was graciously green, brilliantly bright and elegantly charming for our client. we started with the big arrangements having copious canopies of greenery made up of giant alocasia fans frilled with either tufts of bent pandanus and asplenium blades or monsteras. below these, we liberally sprinkled splashes of bright colors made up of mokara and james’ story orchids in orange and red, and hints of blue agapanthus, crimson anthuriums and purple cymbidiums. we next populated the setting with smaller arrangements in various configurations of blue agapanthus, purple mokaras, green, red and duo-toned anthuriums, and yellow cymbidiums. to add a touch of drama, we immersed vermilion cymbidiums in clear cylinders, scattered rosettes of echeverias on bare surfaces as well as upon palm-sized philondendron leaves. here’s a peek at our creation, all tropical, spicy and nice!

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