June 6, 2010


we love working with clients who have a wicked sense of adventure because it would allow us to go wild with our thoughts. this was the case with a client last weekend. without anything to do with LSD but having a lot of SJP in mind, she commissioned us to create a classical look for her pelamin reminiscing a page out of Vogue. it involved a truckload of hydrangeas in delicious pastel shades, pouring down from a vintage Channel flap bag-inspired wall, upon a sensuous white divan fit for a diva.

on the dining deck especially built for the occasion, we continued the theme with white canopies under which we hung crystal chandeliers and black-lined white curtains tied back into graceful butterflies. below, we arranged the tables covered in white with cream tactile floral overlays. and around each dining table, drum-roll please, we premiered our beautiful black chiavari chairs.

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