January 22, 2011

petrified forest

our task at the newly opened DoubleTree by Hilton last Saturday was to leave a lasting first impression. so, we forested the main stage of the ballroom with tall stands of mirrored columns crowned with graceful arches of moth orchids upon lush beds of roses and hydrangeas. shorter gatherings of fresh blooms on clear cylinders played consorts to a plush Cleopatra that we set upon a 2-tiered dais fronting the tree line. our pelamin terminated with two sentinels of fresh arrangements simply placed on the stage floor.

we repeated our tree adventure in the ballroom with lanky flower arrangements placed on knee-high mirror pedestals placed strategically on the aisle borders. we decked the tabletops with pretty rose posies and scattered candles in votive cups and chrome based glass holders among them. we separated the regular guest tables from those of the special guests’ with different choices of overlays: understated black for the regulars, stunning silver sequins for the specials. of course we made sure that the two most important people had the most impressive table of all.

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brian said...

Can you please send me the quotation for the decor done on this wedding such as the main table decor? Thanks! monkichi_78@yahoo.com