January 3, 2011

from this moment

while our clients rested in their villa, team Flora Etc wrested whatever vitality from the sun and the wind at manzaru to transform a patch of the white sanded expanse into a serene gathering space for the newlyweds' final ritual. at the focus of attention, we erected a pavilion of sheer white fabric dripping with pearly crystal strands and white orchid leis. we crowned the structure with a substantial halo of fresh blooming white roses, lilies, mums, hydrangeas and graceful moth orchids. on the platform below, we repeated the floral pattern in the hedges bordering the perimeter of the pavilion. facing the pavilion, we arranged rows of white chiavari chairs dressed in adorable rose posies and orchid leis. we carpeted the aisle between the chairs with fresh white petals and arranged two sets of flower balls in three different compositions behind the last row to charm the guests. as the sun edged closer to kiss the horizon, the guests started to arrive. by the look of awe and wonder in their faces as they saw the pavilion, we knew that our job was done. next, off to javvu for the next assignment.