May 10, 2012

details, details

our dear angel, Hans, single-handedly picked, cut, stitched and sewed choice fabrics into these chic and adorable overlays and accents for Scha and Awal's hantaran sets. he specifically indicated that these adornments should reflect the personalities of the consignees of the hantaran items: demure for the lady, debonair for the gentleman. for the lady, Hans presented the overlays in complementary pink and purple styled in two layers--a sequined tulle underskirt topped with a duchesse satin overskirt. for the gentleman, he crafted oversized bows also from duchesse satin but in cream. he then embellished the plush accents with chunky crystal brooches in agreeable hues. to finish off the assemblage, he blushed the lady's hantaran set with purple and pink blossoms, and the gentleman's with white and cream flowers, with a touch of royal blue highlight. check out the drama in the sirih junjung, ladies and gentlemen.