January 25, 2013

blue yonder

our angels were on familiar territory for this majlis cukur jambul.  we lavished the halls and grounds of this private residence with our floral displays a number of times before and accumulated plenty of praises from the satisfied tenants as well.  so when we were summoned yet again for another engagement at the resident, we were more than thrilled to please our clients.  on this occasion, the festive season, among others, had inspired us to create an ambience glorious in chinoiserie charm and chic.  for the baby chamber, we gathered flowers in delicate pale hues upon blue and white porcelain and placed them strategically on the sunken surfaces of the panelled walls we erected.  soft fabric and plush seats completed the look of the baby chamber.  for the dining area set under white tents festooned with blue lanterns, we placed similar flower gatherings upon oversized round placemats printed with the blue and white porcelain motifs.  here's a peek at the look of the majlis.